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Smoothies at breakfast time are a great way to get your system moving in the mornings and to set yourself up for the day ahead. Not only are they a quick and convenient way to make breakfast but you can also prepare them and then consume them on the run. Smoothies can be filled full of all sorts of energy and vitality boosters, from super fruits to specific health enhancing ingredients like spirulina. In fact once you’ve been converted to the benefits of the smoothie, you’ll never turn back. Try some of these recipes for size.

Oatmeal smoothie
If you’re a porridge fan but you don’t have the time to cook it, or you want a tasty summer alternative, then try an oatmeal smoothie. Oatmeal smoothies are best mixed with berries of some sort and blended until really smooth, but if you don’t want your fruit in the smoothie then you can just sprinkle some on top. Combine 300ml of milk with a chopped banana, three handfuls of oats, 250ml of yoghurt and a big drizzle of clear honey. Whizz all up together and sprinkle some toasted oats or fruit on top as a garnish.

Frozen fruit smoothie
This is the perfect way to start a summer morning, or to rehydrate yourself on one of those days that begins with a hangover! You can use any kind of fruit for this smoothie but blackberries, mango and strawberries are a great summer option. Combine a glass of your selected frozen fruit with a banana, a handful of mixed nuts, two large tablespoons of yoghurt and a glass of soy milk. Add honey for extra sweetness and a frozen mint leaf to garnish.

Low fat smoothie
Although most smoothies are pretty low fat, if you don’t want to waste your calories on a big old breakfast then a low fat smoothie is the way to go. Exchange full fat yoghurt for a fat free version, soy milk for skimmed milk and keep your sweeteners limited to just one teaspoon of honey (pick super sweet fruits like mango and ripe strawberries to provide the natural sugar dose that you need instead).

Energy boost smoothie
Whether you’ve had a late night or you’re making an early start, the energy boost smoothie can give you the energy you need to get through the day. It contains spirulina which is a plant extract well known for its reserves of iron, protein and B12, which will boost your strength and keeping you firing on all cylinders. Combine a teaspoon of spirulina with a peeled kiwi, a whole apple (leave the core and skin on) some parsley and four unpeeled carrots and the world won’t know what’s hit it.

Sweet breakfast smoothie
For those who like breakfast that is more like a desert, smoothies can be adapted to hit that sweet tooth and pack much more of a punch (as well as being much healthier) than a sweet breakfast cereal. Try combining 250ml of frozen yoghurt, vanilla flavour, with the same amount of apple juice and a couple of handfuls of frozen stoneless cherries for the ultimate sweet fix at the start of the day.

Smoothies are all about being creative and putting together the tastes, textures and flavours that you like to consume.  Once you’ve found the recipes that work for you, you’ll never be tempted by bacon and eggs at breakfast again…

Amy is a food and travel writer for Celebrity Cruises helping them to promote their gourmet food and wine cruises.