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Plastic Surgery – From Origins to Addiction
Plastic surgery originated as a way to help repair disfiguring injuries suffered by World War I soldiers. Skin-grafting and reconstructive surgery were extensively developed, and continued in a primarily medical capacity for many years. In the 20th Century, the western world’s increasing obsession with youth, beauty and perfection has led to an exponential increase in the development and use of plastic surgery for cosmetic uses.

Cosmetic surgery has become so advanced that a person can change almost anything about their body to their specifications. It is increasingly common to see celebrities who have ever more surgeries. Some of the people here become famous because of the agony too many or botched procedures have caused.

Five Cases of Plastic Surgery Addiction
These cases of plastic surgery addiction are world famous.

  1. Michael Jackson – Probably the most famous plastic surgery addict in the world, although the late King of Pop denied they were cosmetic. Mr. Jackson had more than 10 nose surgery procedures before passing away in 2009.
  2. Sarah Burge – Known as “Real Life Barbie,” Ms. Burge holds the world record for number of cosmetic procedures at over 100. She is also infamous for reportedly giving her daughter Botox to stop her forehead from sweating while dancing, and giving her a “voucher” for breast implants when she turns 18.
  3. Hang Mioku – A most effective argument against doing your own cosmetic procedures is this plastic surgery addict’s sad story. After dozens of procedures left her disfigured, she could no longer find a doctor to work on her. When one suggested she might need help for her obsession, Ms. Mioku proceeded to inject cooking oil into her face, leaving her head disfigured.
  4. Jocelyn Wildenstein – Nicknamed “The Bride of Wildenstein” by the press, it is believed that Ms. Wildenstein has spent around $4,000,000 on dozens of procedures, to the point that her face is barely recognizable as human.
  5. Allanah Starr – While Burge holds the official record for most surgeries, Ms. Starr has got her unofficially beat. She is a pre-operative transsexual who has had over 300 cosmetic procedures to make her look more female, from rhinoplasties to extensive liposuction, silicon injections, breast and chin implants. While clearly a plastic surgery addict, it seems to have actually helped her career as an award-winning adult film star.

While some plastic surgery is beneficial – to help restore victims of cancer, war, or other disfiguring illnesses, for example – our increasing addiction to it brings not only aesthetically unpleasant results, but the possibility of extensive health problems, including death. Heart arrhythmias, blood clots, brain damage, heart attack, stroke, nerve damage, and more are a danger with any procedure. The more surgeries performed, the more risks increase.

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Peter Wendt is a writer from Austin, Texas. He likes to keep up with celebrity gossip, and finds cases of plastic surgery addiction particularly interesting. If you live in the New York area, he recommends this NYC dermatologist for plastic surgery.