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When most people redesign their bathrooms, they tend to have their imagination held on a leash by the need to save cash. But what would happen if money wasn’t a problem?

In the world of celebrities, home decor can be as opulent and as extravagant as you like – leading to same crazy beautiful or just crazy crazy rooms. Here are 5 of the coolest celebrity bathrooms to give you a little bit of inspiration

1. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has certainly shown off her crazy style over the past decade, but her eclectic bathroom really showcases a lot about her personality, her style and ever her music. With a romantic backdrop provided by a beautiful fire with a carved wooden fireplace, Christina’s classic porcelain stand-alone bath certainly doesn’t look boring in these settings. With various adorning items like old-fashioned picture frames, a multitude of candles and a quirky Lulu Guinness rug, Christina’s bathroom is certainly a mish-mash of colour, styles and attitude.

2. Ellen Pompeo

Grey’s Anatomy actress Ellen Pompeo has a classic laid-back style, and that is reflected in her choice of styling for her bathroom. Italian American Pompeo certainly calls upon the simplicity of Tuscany in her bathroom with simple tile flooring, a beautiful stand-alone bath and a ladder that functions as a towel rack. The white walls beautifully compliment the beamed ceiling, making this bathroom clean, bright and eternally gorgeous.

3. Ryan Phillipe

Pin-up Ryan Phillippe recently put his LA pad up for sale, meaning that the eternally private star’s home was photographed for potential buyers. The biggest standout from the I Know What You Did Last Summer star’s house has to be his bathroom, which contains a perfect mix of tile and wood to make the room warm as well as practical. With a large shower and a tub with it’s own TV, you can see why this home makes the perfect bachelor pad – it’s great both for speedy exits and for relaxing in the tub. The extended countertop and large mirrored wall are perfect for when you have guests and need to share – an altogether great bathroom.

4. Shaquille O’Neal

When basketball star Shaquille O’Neal opened his house up to MTV cribs, it was the master bathroom in his 11 bathroom mansion that impressed most. With steps leading up to his massive jacuzzi bath, Shaq can relax watching the latest basketball games on TV or peak outside at the vast land surrounding his home for entertainment. The beautiful cream-tiled room is a classic design, but it’s the small touches like the old-fashioned ruffled curtains and plants surrounding the tub that truly give the room character.

5. Donatella Versace

Italian designer Donatella Versace certainly let her heritage shine through when designing this opulent bathroom. The old-world style of this bathroom compliments not only the large circular bath but also the various adornments like old-fashioned perfume bottles. Donatella made the most of the space in the bathroom by making the back wall a mirror, which highlights the fact that the bathroom has french doors opening out onto the garden. It’s 18th century chic at it’s best, and does a great job of showing that bathrooms don’t have to be modern to be beautiful.

By author and blogger Richard Orban, on behalf of DTW Ceramics. DTW Ceramics is a tiles production company located in the UK, supplying the best bathroom floor tiles out there! DTW Ceramics can be reached at