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One of the details of your wedding ceremony you might overlook until the last moment is wedding favors. After all, they’re technically optional, and it’s easy to put off trying to think of the perfect souvenir that will show your gratitude to your guests. But favors are a really meaningful gesture, and luckily, they’re one of the least expensive aspects of a wedding.

5 Creative Ideas For Wedding Favors

Research by the Association of Bridal Consultants shows that couples spent an average of $262 on wedding favors in 2012. Some of the most popular choices include coasters, picture frames, candy, pens, and candles. But what if you want to do something really special? Unique wedding favors don’t necessarily have to be more expensive, and if giving your guests a gift they’ll really love is a priority for you and your future spouse, there are lots of ways to think outside the box.

1. Plants

Party FavourGive your wedding a green touch by sending your guests home with small potted plants or flowers to remind them of your day. You can choose how you want to display them, but personalized planters that can double as name cards will make your reception tables look great, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Plants have the distinction of being very affordable but also something many people will enjoy receiving.

2. Snow Globes

A snow globe can either look really pretty or like a cheap souvenir, so you have to make sure you choose wisely. But a personalized globe that will remind them of your ceremony can work well for a winter wedding, and some can even double as a Christmas ornament. You can choose what you want to display inside, whether it’s a picture of you as a couple or even a bride and groom figurine set, or whether it’s something more uniquely specific to your wedding.

3. DVDs

If you or your future spouse is more tech-minded, a personal DVD can be like a thank-you card on video for your guests. These can come in many different varieties, from a montage of photos that highlight your journey as a couple to a series of personalized messages. DVDs are great for destination weddings, because they can be a part of helping your guests remember their vacation to attend. As long as you can do some amateur editing, duplicating them is usually inexpensive.

4. Fish

365 Day 181This might sound a bit ambitious, but if you’re getting married on the beach, what more amazing favors could you have than live fish? They don’t have to be the goldfish in a bag you win at the fair. Portable aquariums come in all shapes and sizes, and you can give the gift of one tropical fish or a few tiny ones. They will also serve as beautiful place settings for your reception. Just remember to make sure they’re all properly fed before your guests take them home.

5. Puzzles

There’s nothing more entertaining than providing your guests with a jigsaw or Rubik’s cube puzzle designed to show a wedding photograph. These kinds of favors are great for the kids who attend your reception, but they’re also a whimsical favor for adults. Jigsaws can spell out a personal message, reveal a collage of photos, or simply come in your own elegant design or color scheme. They’re a gift your guests can really use, which is the aim with all kinds of wedding favors.

There’s really no limit to what you can choose to give your wedding guests, from the very cheap to the very extravagant. But the best option is always going to be something unique and personal, no matter how much you spend. If you’re tempted to skip over choosing favors, you might want to think again. They could give your reception something extra special by giving back to the people that make your wedding day as perfect as you imagined it.

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