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What to get for the person who seems like they have it all?

Christmas shopping is always tough, even if you class yourself as a pro-shopper! It can be incredibly hard to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones that isn’t a simple, run-of-the-mill gift set.

But, we have a way to make it easier. Treat your friends and family to a monogram gift this year for a beautiful, personal present that they’ll treasure for years to come!

5 Creative Monogram Gifts For The Holidays

To make things even easier, we’ve rounded our favorite monogrammed gifts so that you can find something extra special without the hassle! Check out our list below.

  1. Classic Novel Set

It’s easy to buy the latest Jo Nesbo or Zadie Smith novel for the bookworm in your life, but, let’s face it, that’s a little bit boring. While they might be happy with a regular book, you can do better than that! This monogrammed set of classic novels makes that easy.

Gorgeously bound in hunter green or a blue and pink combination, these books make a gorgeous addition to any library. Personalize the copies with the initials of your loved one printed on the spines of the set for a sophisticated gift that’s certainly unique! The books included are:

  • Mansfield Park – Jane Austen
  • This Side of Paradise – F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens
  • Adam Bede – George Elliot
  • To The Lighthouse – Virginia Wolf

Any book lover is bound to adore this set. Personal, beautiful, and with a lot of sentimental value, we’d be surprised if it isn’t their favorite gift of the year!

  1. Free Christmas Tree Monogram Template

If you’re into giving creative gifts and want to find something super meaningful this year, this Christmas tree SVG free template is ideal! These SVG files – also known as scalable vector graphics – are images that you can print out and use to decorate anything, from pillows to t-shirts. Print this out and heat transfer it for an easy DIY gift.

As you can see on the site, there are 3 different designs to choose from. Scroll down to the third to find the personalized option! Add a name to the SVG Christmas tree files for a unique present.

Even if you’re not a crafting-pro, this is a fairly easy activity that shouldn’t take too long at all. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can make personalized presents every Christmas!

  1. Leather Passport Holder

This present is perfect for two types of people; the keen traveler, and the lover of all things luxury. Of course, we’re talking about this monogrammed passport holder! Made from high-quality, full-grain leather sourced in the UK, this is the height of luxury when it comes to travel gifts.

The passport holder is handmade, which we love! Handmade items are much more sustainable and are crafted with love, care, and attention to detail, making for a gift that’s kinder to the planet and much more special for the recipient.

The elegant monogram at the bottom of the passport holder is the perfect finishing touch. Choose which color you’d like the monogram to be in and whether you’d like it pressed into the leather or embroidered. You can also switch up the color of the passport holder itself making sure it matches the rest of your loved one’s luggage!

  1. Luxurious Bath Towels

If you know someone who’s just moved into a new home or is generally very house-proud, we’ve got the perfect present to slip under their Christmas tree. These oversized monogrammed bath sheets are enough to make any house-lover swoon! They’re also perfect for anyone who loves to pamper themselves or enjoys the finer things in life (like towels with their initials on them!).

In super soft organic cotton, these are a great gift even if your recipient has sensitive skin. They’re also absolutely huge coming in at 39X70 inches – perfect for snuggling up in after a nice hot shower! Choose from a range of piping colors and personalize yours with initials, a name, or anything you want!

Bonus tip: if you’re buying for a couple, these make amazing his and hers towels. They’re also very cute as gifts for newlyweds if you have any winter weddings coming up!

  1. Designer Notebooks

If you’re on a budget this year but still want to give something unique, heartfelt, and personalized, these Clare V. for Anthropologie notebooks are a definite winner. Whilst not too expensive, they certainly look luxurious and are designed by Clare V. who’s known for her gorgeous handbags crafted in LA. Whether you have a budding writer in your family or a few friends who are studying, these make lovely gifts!

The notebooks come in a range of colors, from a funky white, blue, and green combination to a more sensible brown, black, and white, all in a retro print. What makes these pop is the contrast color lined pages inside the notebook. Add the initials of your loved ones to the cover for a super special present that’s also very practical.

If you’re not satisfied with a notebook alone, why not add a pen to your gift? This set of 4 from Alanza is just as bright and colorful as the notebook, making them a perfect match!

Get Shopping

Christmas isn’t too far away now, so if you haven’t already then it’s time to get shopping! Hopefully, these monogram gifts have given you some inspiration for the loved ones in your life, making your shopping a breeze this year.

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