5 Easy Steps To An Instantly Better Bathroom For Your Home

5 Easy Steps To An Instantly Better Bathroom For Your Home

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When it comes to pitching your home to potential buyers, the bathroom is one of the key ‘decision makers’ and is often what lets people down. If you’re selling and want to give your bathroom a low-cost makeover, here are five super simple tricks you can use to make it look instantly more beautiful, without spending a fortune that you won’t make back…

Clean & Tidy
It sounds obvious, but please remember to clean your bathroom before showing prospective buyers around! When I was house hunting myself I came across more than one unclean bathroom and it’s really off-putting.

Spend a good few hours giving the room a deep overhaul; scrub every surface, including wall tiles, dust those cobwebs out of hard-to-reach corners and tidy those half-used shampoo bottles into a small basket or, better still, a cupboard.

Buy a Plant
Keeping real plants in your bathroom has numerous benefits – not only do they look great and add a sense of vibrancy to the space, but they also work to purify the air and get rid of any unpleasant odours!

If replacing fresh flowers every few days is too much effort (then again, remember it’s hopefully only for some weeks whilst you find a buyer) invest in a large green plant that requires minimal upkeep, such as bamboo or cacti.

Replace your Towels
Nothing ages a bathroom like worn, old towels lying around the place, and guests really don’t need to see your novelty beach towels, so add a touch of class with a new set of bathroom towels.

Matching colours are best for a luxury finish, so pick out a colour-coordinated set of bath towels, hand towels and even flannels that can be stacked up together – then hide those old towels well out of sight!

New Faucets
A new 3-piece suite would look fantastic, but cost a small fortune too. For a much more affordable option that still gives your bathroom and instant update, simply replace all of the faucets.

Provided your tub doesn’t have an enormous crack down the side, it and your other bathroom furniture will look as good as new with shiny new metalwork and a good scrub down, giving the impression they’re newer than they really are.

Install a Fan
Buying a plant and opening the window can only go so far to dispel the unpleasant, musty smell that comes from damp and mould, so if your bathroom is suffering from mildew it’s time to install a bathroom fan heater.

This will provide warmth to what is typically a very cold room during the winter months, whilst the fan will reduce condensation build-up after a hot bath or shower to dispel that moisture before it can settle and cause mould or mildew.

Do you have any more one-day bathroom update tips? Please share!

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Estelle Page is a UK-based interior designer who blogs for Alert Electrical. She recently sold her old home and is now busy renovating her new one with her husband and a (very) little input from the kids.

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