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Every month you get those pesky utility bills. You have to pay them, unless you want to lose your power and water. However, you don’t have to simply pay the high prices every month. Fight back, using these simple tips and you’ll find you can lower your energy bills to a rate that is affordable. This puts money back in your budget that you can save, or use for those little luxuries that make life that much better.

Turn Out the Lights
Your parents probably harped on you to turn out the lights when you were a kid. They were right. When you leave the room, flip the switch. Over the course of a month, this adds up to an extensive savings. If you have trouble remembering to do this, consider investing in motion activated light switches. These will switch off when you leave the room. Also, look at your lights in the basement, garage and attic. Are there any that stay on all the time that you can turn off? These are often left on for months at a time, and seldom used. Any light you can turn off is one you’re not paying to keep lit.

Unplug Unused Appliances and Electronics
If there is an appliance or other item you’re not using, unplug it! One of the biggest energy drainers is refrigerators. Do you have an old fridge in the basement that you only use when you’re having a party or guests? You shouldn’t keep it running the rest of the year. A refrigerator can cost more than $400 to run each year. Do you really want to pay this? If you’re not using your cell phone charger, unplug it. Even a simple device like this is using your precious energy.

Monitor Water Usage
Pay attention to where the water is going. Are you over-watering your lawn? Do you leave the water on while you brush your teeth? These are major uses of water and will cause your bill to skyrocket. Talk to the rest of your family about ways that you can reduce your water usage.

Avoid Some Heating/Cooling Expenses
For most people, using the heater or air conditioner is not an option, it’s a necessity. However, there’s no need to use it more than you have to; find ways to cool off or warm up without using electricity. In winter, wear sweats inside the house and turn down the thermostat a couple of degrees, you’ll never know the difference. In summer, make sure you don’t leave doors or windows open or you are wasting the air conditioning and it will run all day.

Buy Energy Efficient Appliances
One way to save money on your energy bills without even thinking about it is by choosing energy efficient appliances. While they may cost a little bit more up front, the savings is substantial. Look for the energy star logo on anything you buy and compare each product to others in the same class to choose the one that will work best for you.

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