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Team building activities are a series of activities that when carried out by a group of people will result to a sense of togetherness. Team buildings aims at creating solidarity and a sense of being a part of something. Here are the most promising teambuilding activities.

Beach Olympics

It is the just the thing for having fun and loosening up after a tight work schedule. It is especially recommended for those competitive groups within an organization as it channels that spirited attitude and positive experience. The activity is fast paced involving a number of activities on a rotating basis that will keep the group involved throughout the session. Beach Olympics activities are designed for the camaraderie and fun. Ideally it should involve a mix of active and passive games to allow relaxation I between activities. It also allows participation by every member as it takes away the athletic nature advantage of some members. Depending on the team building company, it will comprise of activities like; Beach relay races, hula-hoop hurl, beach volleyball, Frisbee golf, bocce ball, and kayak races

Buggy Rally

As a team building activity, buggy racings achieve closer bonding between members of the organization. This is because it normally involves teams of two or four navigating a buggy car in an unfamiliar location within a set time. The team will be required to follow the instructions provided, use the maps manage time appropriately and use their problem solving skills to arrive at their designated destination. It is the best form of teamwork, as the members need to work together for effective navigation and for them to win. Buggy racing will work both as a team building activity and as an incentive program activity. It offers the added advantage of being a way to explore the scenic features of an area. It is a great test of the leadership skills.

City Scramble

This exhilarating activity calls for getting out of comfort zones and exploring your surroundings. Its objective is to involve the members in activities that help them discover their city as well as test them on their strategizing skills. The participants are provided with maps, cameras, money and public transport tickets. Armed with a list of things needed to collect buy or photograph and some clues they are let lose in the milling C.B.D with a set time of their return. Points are awarded according to the time they took to find items and how successful they were in locating the items.

Cooking for a cause

It involves cooking a customized meal from scratch in a friendly competition. As the team members prepares the meal, their patience and creativity is tested. To their surprise, they will offer a dining experience to the less fortunate. This activity is done with the collaboration of a charity organization helping the participants understand the challenges of homelessness and hunger or any other social ill.

Give a dog a home

This is yet another activity resulting to a charity donation to homeless dogs’ organization. The participants are divided into teams and work indoors using materials provided to come up with a knell for homeless dogs. These materials are ‘won’ through overcoming and winning set challenges.

These are some of the best team building activities for companies of any size, large of small. With proper team building management you can increase your productivity and keep your employees motivated. For those in Australia you can opt to attend team building events in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Sarah works in the HR industry and believes massively in using team work to not only boost employees confidence in the job but to also use it as a social experience so everyone gets to know one another more on a level away from the job.