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The yard around your property can greatly increase the value of the home and increase your enjoyment of owning and living there. A cheery, well-kept walkway or backyard patio or deck means that you have more living space whenever the weather is nice. Beautiful plants add color and variety to the area at all seasons of the year.

5 Features To Look At When Upgrading Your Landscaping

Pave the Patio

A well-laid out paved patio behind the back door of your home can make dining outdoors and grilling a lot of fun. While this can be done by a homeowner, you must make absolutely sure that the drainage will work once the patio is installed. Consider working with a landscape designer if you’re not sure of how to correct draining problems.

Build a Deck

A sturdy wooden deck off the kitchen means that you have an ideal spot to enjoy the weather and dine under the stars. Consider a deck design that offers a wide area or multiple levels for family members and guests to enjoy. As you plan your deck, add features such as planter boxes or built-in storage benches so everyone who uses the deck has a spot to sit and smell the flowers.

Add an Arbor

Nothing adds charm to a yard like a shady spot to relax and read a book or chat. You can create a walkway arbor that will offer an entrance to a flower or vegetable garden, or create a larger arbor over a paved patio for cool shade. With the right plants, you can pick grapes right off the patio.

Plan for Shade, Plant for Aroma

No matter how great the weather is in your region, you’ll likely have a time of day when your patio gets direct sun and is too hot to enjoy. Consider planting a fast-growing shade tree or adding an awning to your patio to lower the sun exposure.

Around the seating area, you should also include plants that smell good. Roses and lavender offer a delicious aroma when in full bloom. Basil and thyme smell great in both the garden and the kitchen and will repel mosquitoes.

Add Lighting

Lighting is vital if you plan to spend any time outdoors after sunset, so plan for it early. Solar lights come in a variety of configurations and can be used as directional lighting to focus on a feature of your yard or floated on a water feature to brighten a backyard pond. Brighten pathways with low solar lighting and add white crushed marble to the borders for a defined outline.

Upgrading your landscaping can be as involved as building a deck or as simple as adding solar lights. By creating spaces that you can enjoy as outdoor rooms, you increase the value of your home and your enjoyment in it.