5 Great Gift Ideas For An Organic Baby Shower

5 Great Gift Ideas For An Organic Baby Shower

Many expectant and new parents are going green in the nursery these days. It not only makes sense to help the environment, but it also provides a healthy atmosphere for your new baby. Their tiny lungs are sensitive and need as much protection as possible.

So, if you can do your part in making sure they don’t breathe in harmful chemicals, irritants, or allergens, then you are giving them the best chance possible at a healthy childhood. But, all these irritants can be found in almost every area of your nursery and child’s life, and could be overwhelming trying to go completely organic in everything.

However, what could significantly help take away some of that overwhelmed feeling is to have an organic baby shower. If you are hoping to have an organic nursery, but would like a little help in getting that done, register for many of the items, and even ask the host of the shower to emphasize to guests that it will be an organic one.

Or, perhaps you are the host, or guest and would like some ideas in what you can give your friend or family member who is seeking to go natural. Read on for a few ideas.

1. All Wrapped Up

When I first think of a baby, blankets and cuddling come to mind. I just love the quiet moments, soft sensations, and the aroma of a sweet baby. However, many of the blankets, as well as bedding in general, are developed with chemicals. These very items that we wrap our babies in are subjecting them to unnecessary chemicals.

So, consider putting organic sheets and blankets on the list, as well as towels and washcloths. They are easy to find, both in stores around you, as well as on the Internet.

Or, don’t be afraid to put an organic mattress on your registry. This is a more costly item, but people can join together to get it for you. And, just as with the blankets and sheets, there is a variety to choose from, and can be easily found.

2. Don’t Forget the Toys

Look for toys made with natural products, rather than paints and plastics that have chemicals in it. Even teddy bears can have irritants in it…but can be found in organic form.

Rattles, ride on toys, building blocks, dolls, and much more, can be found that are made with natural products and can be considered organic. Just make sure to check the labels before adding something to the registry.

3. Customized Gift Baskets

If you are a guest looking for something for a special expectant parent, create your own customized and organic gift basket. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Bath Time – organic shampoos and lotions, natural washcloths and towels, organic bath toys, as well as cloth diapers would all go well in a gift basket for the bath
  • Snuggle Time – books, organic blankets, lullaby CD’s, and natural sleepers will make for a wonderful basket designed for snuggling
  • Dining Time – natural baby foods, organic bottles and bowls, natural fiber bibs, and organic dish soap are just a few items to go into a basket with a theme for eating times
  • Laundry Time – eco friendly laundry soap, organic hangers and a laundry basket is yet another great idea, and the laundry basket could be the gift basket

The idea here is to get creative and put a theme to a basket, but all organic, eco-friendly, and natural items. Just make sure the basket you use also falls into that category, as they can use it in the nursery to hold toys or other items.

4. A Feeding Frenzy

There are many things you can register for in this category from the food itself, to the utensils. Take a look around the Internet to see what is available, and also what consumers are saying about it all. Items such as bottles and nursing pillows are also great to register for as well.

Another idea would be to register (or purchase, if you are a guest) a baby food maker and cookbook. More and more parents are making their own baby food these days, because they know exactly what goes into their baby’s mouth, because they made it.

5. All Dressed Up and Everywhere to Go

Finally, look for organic clothing, from head to toe. All forms of clothing, as well as shoes and hair accessories are also found in organic form. You just have to do some research, and read the labels. However, you should be able to find many of these items to add to your registry.

In Closing

Hopefully I have shared enough ideas to get you started on an organic shower for your soon-to-be bundle of joy. You can take these ideas and run with them, create more, or hand it off to someone who might need some ideas.

Benjamin Baker is a freelance writer, and completely addicted to it, by his own confession. He also thrives on research, which inspires him to write on various topics. In fact, he was visiting the website http://www.ecohomeinspired.com, when he thought about writing on organic nurseries. Benjamin is married, and he and his wife live in Denver, Colorado with their 3 growing teenagers. When he is not working, he enjoys sitting down with this guitar, camping, as well as fishing.

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