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Portable DVD players are a popular bit of kit for those that are tech savvy, those who want to keep the kids quiet in the car and even those who just want to be able to lock themselves in a room with a good film.

YouTube has a plethora of videos of portable DVD players, from the informative to the just plain weird. Here are the top 5 great videos that feature portable DVD players.

1) NextBase Click & Go In-Car Portable DVD Players

NextBase are famed for their excellent quality portable DVD players, as this video by the manufacturers will show you. Featuring their range of click & go players that can be used in your car, this four and a half minute long video gives you all the information you need to make your choice of NextBase player.

Not only do they show you all of the different portable DVD players you can purchase from them, they also give you some great ideas of what you can use your player for, be it at home or in the car.

2) How to play video games on a portable DVD player

For those who enjoy a bit of technology, then this video is the one for you. Henry Blazer, the maker of this video, shows you the easy way to play your favourite video console and games by using your portable DVD player!

Using a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and his trusty DVD player, this just under 6 minute video will teach you everything you need to know about hooking up your console and playing games through the portable player’s screen.

3) Is it a good idea to microwave a DVD player?

From pure genius to just plain stupid, the Microwave This channel is renowned for putting some rather odd things in the microwave to see what will happen.

This is definitely not advisable to try at home, but at least provides you with a good 4 minutes of fun. First the screen goes off, before it all starts to go wrong. You will have to watch the full video to see what the grand finale is!

4) NextBase Click & Go Lite Portable DVD Players Review

Here is another one for all of you NextBase fans, a review of their 2012 product range set to some funky music and without some man talking all over it like the previous NextBase video.

Showing all of the highlights of the Click & Go Lite range, quite possibly the most popular of all of the NextBase portable DVD players as well as the best ways and places to use each one.

Whether you want to watch two films at once, or just a small portable DVD player for around the home, and then watch this video to get a great idea of which one is right for you.

5) What’s inside a portable DVD player?

Ignore the obvious spelling mistakes in this video, such as loose instead of lose, this is a real cracker for anyone that likes to have a geeky moment with technology.

This very clever man has a broken portable DVD player, so instead of throwing it out he decides to take it apart, piece by piece and then video himself doing it.

If you have ever wondered what was in those tiny pieces of genius equipment then this video will have you sitting on the edge of your seat with excitement.

YouTube will probably always be the number one website for finding videos on anything you want, so it comes as no surprise that by searching portable DVD players it comes up with a large number of results.

Many of those results are portable DVD player reviews, dominated by some of the largest manufacturers such as NextBase and Sony. Then you have the videos which are aimed at those that enjoy all aspects of technology, from hooking up their Xbox 360 to their portable DVD player, or even finding out what is inside one of them!

Finally, as with every search conducted on YouTube, you have the ultimate in crazy, with stunts such as microwaving your portable DVD player to see the end results, there are even videos of people smashing them up, charming!

Author Bio:

An article by Rebecca Walton, who is a lover of technology. She writes for 3WiseMonkeys on the latest in technology.

Image Credits: Mark Gamis 1