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5 Great Seattle Attractions You Didn’t Know About

A visit to Seattle most often includes attractions such as the Space Needle and Pike’s Place Fish Market. While these are interesting places to visit, there are many lesser-known attractions in the Seattle area. A visit to Seattle will be more memorable with a side trip to one of these unique attractions.

Snoqualmie Falls
For the nature lover, Snoqualmie Falls is a Seattle attraction that should not be missed. This 270-foot high waterfall is located in the town of Snoqualmie, which is 30 miles east of Seattle. This waterfall is home to a history of daredevils who tried to use the falls to show off their talents. One such person was Mr. Blandin, who walked across the falls on a tightrope in 1889. Visitors to Snoqualmie Falls can hike on the walking paths in the park or relax and enjoy the view on the observation deck.

Seattle Underground Tour
Another unique Seattle attraction is the Seattle Underground Tour. This tour is an underground walking tour of passages and rooms that are underneath the streets of Seattle. This tour began in 1954 when Bill Speidel began to offer tours to people who wanted to see the old streets of Seattle. The Seattle Underground Tour is informative and visitors learn much information about how Seattle decided to rebuild after the fire of 1889. After the tour, visitors can pick up a souvenir of the visit to this unique attraction at the underground gift shop.

Ye Olde Curiosity Shop
Visitors to Seattle looking for unique attractions may want to stop at the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop. This gift shop includes a museum of oddities that include shrunken heads, a four-legged chicken and the Lord’s Prayer written on a grain of rice. In addition to the museum, visitors can purchase such things as insect bracelets, Native American art and clothing.

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Olympic Sculpture Park
For the modern art lover visiting Seattle, the Olympic Sculpture Park is a place that should be visited. This sculpture garden is part of the Seattle Art Museum and features free admission and is open year round. This park showcases some unique sculptures, such as benches shaped like eyeballs and a large typewriter eraser. Other sculptures in the park are abstract works of art, perfect for viewing on a calm day in Seattle.

Sound Garden
Find it on the campus of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Due to security regulations, visitors must show proper identification when visiting, and photographs are not allowed. Despite these regulations, this Seattle attraction should not be missed. The Sound Garden consists of ten hollow metal pipes suspended on towers. As the pipes sway in the air, the wind blows across the tops of the pipes, creating wonderful music. Since Sound Garden depends on wind to create music, windy days are the best times to visit this unique attraction.

Whether the visit to Seattle is part of a business trip or a family vacation, a visitor to Seattle should try to visit one of these attractions. Learning about modern art, walking underneath the streets of Seattle, or taking in the breathtaking beauty of Snoqualmie Falls will help make a trip to this Washington city a memorable vacation.

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