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Sometimes determining how a resource like LinkedIn can best be utilized for recruiting purposes is challenging. We’ve all heard about the success that HR teams have with LinkedIn, but what’s the best way to approach the recruiting process on the site?

LinkedIn advertises their vast network of users with every type of professional available for your review and recruitment. They have Inmail (their contacting system) and groups you can join, as well as the option of creating your own business profile. In addition, they offer an Answers section, which allows users to increase their business credibility and raise their profile within the LinkedIn community.

But there are five less obvious ways that you can use LinkedIn for recruiting purposes that you may not have thought about before:

  1. Search potential employees by employer. Sometimes the keywords you use when searching for a recruit doesn’t necessarily match the keywords they might use. So searching by an employer – either a direct competitor of yours or a company you know has employees that would suit your needs, is beneficial.
  2. Your professional network isn’t just for you, but for potential recruits as well. The professional network allows you to connect with recruits, but in addition, it also allows you to ask for and receive recommendations for people who would be a good fit into your company.
  3. Employees who are on LinkedIn can utilize their networks to find your next candidate. We all know current employee recommendations carry some weight, especially if the employee is a star in the office. The employee already knows your business and already knows who he’s connected to – his idea of whether or not the company is a good fit is likely on the mark.
  4. Utilize groups. LinkedIn has a wide variety of groups available for members to join for every job sector. Once you begin actively participating in group discussions, it will generate interest amongst your potential candidates, and will give your company a more prestigious name for itself as you become the expert.
  5. LinkedIn allows for a quick “background check”. The connections and recommendations that a candidate has says a lot about them. You can quickly and easily access this information, helping you not waste your time over a potential candidate who isn’t a good fit for your business environment.

Using LinkedIn can be a valuable resource for your recruiting needs. By using all of the resources’ detailed features, you’ll be able to quickly find your next recruit, with little wasted time and money.

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