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If you own an e-commerce website or planning to build one, using the Magento extension will provide helpful features to optimize your online store’s functionality. This will add better value on the functionality and use of your commercial website for you and your online customers with its customizable features. Magento extensions provide for an open source MQSQL database and PHP platforms. To help you narrow your choices when selecting for the best Magento extensions, here are the demanding ones that are widely used by e-Commerce owners.

5 Most Demanding Magento Extensions

1.      Social Network Integration Bundle

Power up your e-Commerce visibility on various social media sites with Social Network Integration Bundle. This Magento extension will provide you a fast and convenient way to integrate social media buttons on your online shop. It is widely used owing to its flexibility features and easy to use interface. Simply carry out a single installation and start enjoying numerous features after a successful download. Use social media buttons of your choice by choosing from Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest Pin It. All features popular among social media users such as like, connect, re-tweet, follow and share are available in the social media buttons available from this Magento extension.

2.      Layered Navigation Pro

Managing your Magento e-store’s search filters and layered navigation option is easy using this Magento extension. You can add a layered navigation feature to your home page using sliders, images and check boxes which allow your visitors to enjoy using different attributes of your eCommerce site and filter results directly using the different navigation attributes that are available on your site. The popular feature of this Magento extension is the price slider control. Web visitors of Magento sites also enjoy using the Layered Navigation Pro feature called Endless Page where you can display products in a single page which are displayed on grids as one scrolls down on the web page.

3.     Cloud Backup Extension

Whether you own a small or big online shop site, this Magento extension is a must-have. This program allows eCommerce website owners to back up their site by the Cloud. This provides additional security against the occurrence of hardware failure or security breach of your online site. You can store files and set up the extension to perform an automatic backup. Your files are safe from an offline storage, giving you more confidence that your files are secured and less vulnerable to hackers. The Cloud backup is stored using the Dropbox and Amazon storage system.

4.      Magento – Sugar CRM Bridge

This is a Magento extension that is most useful for offline stores and even among eCommerce websites. Because of its convenient feature for synchronizing with the CRM system, many of its users like to use this program as it simplifies the process of website management. The program can also track down carts that were abandoned by customers and gives its users more flexibility in using its settings. It also supports a sync data processor feature using the field mapping tool (netspysoftware).

5.      Single Sign On for Magento

This Magento extension allows its users to save significant time of signing different times in order to access their website’s content and eCommerce features. It is integrated with Magento and WordPress optimized websites where both platforms are used in managing the eCommerce functionality of the site using Magento and using WordPress for content management functions. With the Single Sign On for Magento extension, you can sign in to your accounts in just a single process. It is necessary however that the Magento and WordPress should be installed in one and the same domain or at least share the same server to work.