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5 Must-Haves for a Road Trip

When preparing to hit the road in your RV or while towing your trailer, there are a few must-haves that will make the trip more comfortable, efficient, and safer. With a little planning ahead you will be able to be ready for anything. Keeping a checklist is a good idea for future trips. Here are 4 things you definitely should have.

Portable Grill

You probably don’t want to do all of your cooking inside your RV. It uses a lot of electricity or propane and can produce odors inside the unit. There are times when you might not even have a power hookup. Let’s face it, being on the road is really an outdoor experience. So, you will want to get out of the RV when the weather is nice. There are many portable charcoal and gas grills that can fold up to fit inside your storage compartment. You don’t need anything too big unless you have a large family traveling with you. Be sure to bring extra fuel sources and a butane lighter stick.

Folding Camp Chairs

Many campgrounds will provide a picnic table at each site. Be prepared if there isn’t a table or if it is too far away from your canopy. You will want to pack some extra seating for outdoors. The most popular portable seating options for camping are nylon and metal, weatherproof chairs that collapse to fit inside a slim bag to stow away when not in use. Look for ones with cup holders for convenience. Likewise, there are camp tables that can be folded and rolled to fit inside a bag for storing.

Comfortable Mattress

When sleeping in tight quarters, it makes sense to invest in your comfort in the form of a memory foam mattress for RV bed. These mattresses take up very little room in height while offering maximum comfort. A good night’s sleep is important, especially if you plan on doing long drives during the day between destinations.

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Battery Operated Lanterns and Head Lamps

Outdoor lighting is a must for navigating your camp site at night and early morning. When you are outside, turn the generator off so as not to annoy your fellow campers. Use battery powered lighting. There are many brands of lanterns that turn on by pulling up the collapsible lid. LED headlamps are really practical for walking around dark campgrounds and for cleaning up after dinner.

Emergency First Aid Kit

You should never travel on the road without a well-stocked first aid kit. You can save plenty of money by building your own kit from a big box store supply before you leave. Buying these items at campground stores will be costly. The basics should include NSAIDS, astringent, antibiotic cream, and bandages. Make sure the kit also includes sunscreen and insect repellant. It is recommended that you add an extra phone charger into the kit in case you misplace yours and need a quick charge to call for help in the event of an accident.

Proper planning for your road trip can save you money, time, and discomfort while travelling. Remember to keep a checklist of your must-have items to pack. The more you travel, the better tweaked your list will become. Replenish supplies and equipment as soon as you get home so you are ready to go next trip.

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