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Every business owner knows that good grammar can improve productivity and show off a level of professionalism. Every business owner also knows that the use of proper grammar in the workplace is quickly fading. Luckily, you don’t have to accept slang, misspellings and abbreviated words as your norm. Instead, all you need to do is know which tools to use to help improve the grammar in your workplace.

1. Spell Check
When it comes to written communication, it’s very important that you and your employees and coworkers use some type of spell check to alleviate any misspellings. Your word processor or email platform should come equipped with a spell check software, but you can also use a free tool available on the Internet. is a great online spell checker that will help improve the writinig done in your office. Simply copy and paste your content into the field, and SpellCheck will provide you with a list of edits to make.

2. Grammar Check
Most people know that most spell check platforms can catch a misspelling, but they cannot catch a grammatical error. This is why it’s important to use a grammar checker tool too. Grammarly is a great online tool that will help you determine any grammatical errors in your work. With an emphasis on grammar, Grammarly will catch both spelling and grammatical errors, up to about 10x more than a typical spell check.

3. Online Tutorials
You can always look for webinars or online tutorials that your employees and coworkers can participate in to help improve grammar in the workplace. These can be basic level tutorials that can emphasize simple grammar rules, such as the difference between common homonyms, or you can choose something more advanced if necessary. Continuing to improve the grammar in the workplace will be beneficial to everyone in the office as well as customers and clients.

4. Proofreading Checklist
Your employees and coworkers should understand the importance of proofreading their work before submitting it, but most of them will not do so unless it’s a requirement. For this reason, you should consider creating a proofreading checklist that needs to be completed for every project, email or correspondence that is written. This checklist can remind your employees and coworkers to check for spelling and grammatical errors as well as double check that any numbers are correct, that all pieces of the project are attached and completed, and any other necessity that should be mandatory for your company to run smoothly. Here is an example of a proofreading checklist that you can use.

5. Professional Proofreaders

Depending on your budget, you may also want to invest in hiring a professional proofreader to work in your office. This individual can then be responsible for proofreading everything created by your employees and sign off on it before it is submitted to clients or customers. For example, if your company has a blog, the proofreader would need to approve every post before it is published. If you create marketing material, the proofreader will need to proof and sign off on it before it is placed on the Internet or sent to the printer. Having a professional proofreader on staff can be a great way to improve grammar in the workplace.

Joshua Reynolds is a business manager who understands the importance of correct grammar.  Click here to read more about grammar and the workplace.