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There are about 50 museums and more than 100 small galleries in Zurich, which host various exhibitions and shows. 5 of them deserve special attention.

Museum of Art (Kunsthaus)

Latitude and longitude: 47.370287, 8.548143
Time of visiting: 3 hours
Distance from the city centre: 1.1 km
Driving time: 3 min
Gas consumed: 0.05 liters

The Kunsthaus is one of the most famous art museums in Switzerland. It was opened in 1910 and now the museum represents the most significant collection of contemporary art in Zurich. It has also works of many famous artists such as Edward Munch, Van Gogh and Picasso. You will see paintings by Claude Monet and Marc Chagall. In addition, the Kunsthaus has a lot of works by Swiss artists. The museum often held various exhibitions so you might see many other interesting artworks. One of the advantages is an audio guide in English,German, French and Italian.

Rietberg Museum

Latitude and longitude:47.358971, 8.530094
Time of visiting: 3 hours
Distance from the city centre: 1.6 km
Driving time: 5 min
Gas consumed: 0.08 liters

5 Must-Visit Museums In Zurich!

The Rietberg Museum is the only one in Switzerland, which is completely dedicated to non-European cultures. The whole huge collection of the museum is located in three buildings built in the middle of the 19th century. You will enjoy different artworks from India, China, Africa, Japan, and Southeast Asia. In addition, you will see paintings from the Middle East, Tibet, Far East and Swiss collection of masks, Flemish and Armenian carpets. The visiting of this place will be interesting not only for adults but also for children.

Beyer Museum of Time

Latitude and longitude: 47.370870, 8.538532
Time of visiting: 2 hours
Distance from the city centre: 300 m
Driving time: 1 min
Gas consumed: 0.03 liters

This unique museum has an extensive collection of antique clocks, watches and interesting technical tools, by which people calculated time in the Middle Ages. Beyer Museum of Time has several hundred exhibits, which familiarize visitors with the history of watch movements and development of watchmaking since the 15th century. There is also a shop in the museum building, where you can buy some rare, antique and vintage clocks.

Swiss National Museum

Latitude and longitude: 47.379048, 8.540531
Time of visiting: 3 hours
Distance from the city centre: 1.2 km
Driving time: 16 min
Gas consumed: 9.06 liters

5 Must-Visit Museums In Zurich!

The exhibition of Swiss National Museum tells the story of the formation of the country’s culture from prehistoric times to the present. The main focus is on the prehistoric period, especially since Neolithic times and also the Medieval. Special attention is paid to the chivalric culture. The museum boasts a large collection of weapons and armor, which reflect the Swiss methods of warfare from 800 to 1800. Visit this museum to learn all about the great personalities of Switzerland, the origin of winter sports in the Alps, famous Swiss watches and chocolate!

Toy Museum

Latitude and longitude: 47.373133, 8.539615
Time of visiting: 2 hours
Distance from the city centre: 500 m
Driving time: 2 min
Gas consumed: 0.03 liters

5 Must-Visit Museums In Zurich!

It is another great museum in Zurich! The museum has a large and interesting collection of European toys, ranging from the late 18th to the early 20th century. Here are a lot of different dolls with accessories, many optical and mechanical toys, steam engines, children’s books etc. The doll dresses represent fashion standards of their times, the railroad locomotives tell you about the industrial revolution and dollhouses will show you how people used to live before.

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5 Must-Visit Museums In Zurich!

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