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One of the best parts about visiting a new city is checking out the local food scene. From culinary classics to a new spin on favorites, local restaurants know how to keep visitors’ mouths watering.

5 Omaha Restaurants You've Got To Try

You may not think of Omaha as a go-to place for a local foodie, but it should definitely go on your list. Here are five Omaha restaurants that are worth a trip to Nebraska.

  1. Mac’s Drive-In

In the mood for old-fashion fast food? Then Mac’s Drive-In definitely needs to be on your list. Know for their homemade burgers and onions rings made daily. They’ve also got ice cream to finish your meal.

Retro decor and ordering by table phones give a vibe of nostalgia alongside fresh and delicious food. Mac’s Drive-In loves serving 1940s food to a new generation.

  1. Dante

You can never go wrong with Italian, and Dante is one of the best Italian restaurants in Omaha. Their wood-fired pizza and rustic Italian dishes draw people from all over the city to their doorstep.

The chef-owner uses the seasons to inspire the ever-changing menus. This means ingredients include fresh produce and local farmer finds whenever possible. Pasta and pizza, Italian wines, and creative cocktails also fill the menu.

  1. Modern Love

Who doesn’t love delicious comfort food? How about delicious comfort food made by a cookbook author with the twist of being 100% vegan? If that sounds right up your alley, you have to try Modern Love, one of the best restaurants in downtown Omaha.

The menu is seasonal, but if you’re there and see mac and shrews, chickpea cutlets, or nachos, you definitely have to order them from the menu. And you have to get dessert-like Snickers pie and raspberry cheesecake.

  1. Umami

Located in Bellevue, a southern suburb of Omaha, Umami is the go-to place in this area for sushi. You might be skeptical of a fish delicacy in a landlocked state, but the NYC-trained master chef at Umami will change your mind.

With classics like California rolls and fried tempura and specialties you can’t get anywhere else, this restaurant is great for all sushi lovers. It’s one of the best restaurants in Omaha you would never suspect.

  1. The Green Gateau

Calling all brunch lovers, The Green Gateau is your must-visit brunch restaurant in Omaha, NE. This charming restaurant just outside of Omaha in Lincoln, Nebraska, is a favorite for college students and families alike.

The menu includes a mix of French and American cuisines with creative twists for great dining in the city. This restaurant is one of the most popular, so you should probably make a reservation.

Must-Visit Omaha Restaurants 67

Is Nebraska on your travel bucket list? Because if it’s not, it should be; if only to visit these five Omaha restaurants. Trying new restaurants you can’t eat at back home is one of the best parts of traveling.

So it’s time to book a trip to Omaha and spend the day exploring. And when once you get hungry and it’s time to eat, don’t forget to pop into one of these five local Omaha restaurants for a great meal you’ll be craving back home.