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Although most part-time jobs won’t even consider offering health insurance and benefits to employees, some companies will. If you need the flexibility of a part-time job but need benefits coverage, you may want to try getting employed in one of the following 5 careers. You may be surprised at how many benefits you can get on a part-time schedule.

What is it Like to Live Without Health Insurance

The Government

According to the Federal Employees Part-time Career Employment Act of 1978 and President Clinton’s July 11, 1994, memorandum, part-time government employees are entitled to the same benefits as full-time employees. However, for health insurance, a part-time employee pays a higher percentage of the premiums because the fees are calculated based on how many hours the employee works. Part-time government employees are entitled to the same number of vacation days, sick days, and insurance coverage as full-time employees, according to the OPM website.

 JP Morgan Chase

If you don’t want to work for the government, try working for banking giant Chase. JP Morgan Chase has easy eligibility requirements for part-time benefits, including only needing to work 20 hours a week. The bank offers medical, dental, and vision insurance to part-time employees, as well as flexible spending accounts, life insurance, 401(k)s and the Chase retirement plan, which kicks in after 3 years of employment.

5/3 Bank

Surprisingly enough, another company that offers benefits to part-time employees is Fifth Third Bank. To become eligible, you must work more than 20 hours a week. The benefits include dental, vision, and health. The company also offers “Benefit Choice Dollars,” which are cash compensation that part-time employees can earn to help foot the bill for elected benefits.


Bulk-food mogul Costco takes care of its part time employees. Employees who work at least 20 hours are elgible for benefits, which include dental care, vision, and health insurance.

School Bus Driver

According to career-building site, a bus driver may be eligible for insurance benefits in many states. Most bus drivers work at two points during the day, with two morning routes and two afternoon routes. The drivers are eligible for benefits because such a strange schedule makes it difficult to find employment anywhere else. The actual benefits of the job will vary by school district, but many offer life insurance, health cover, and some even offer dental and vision coverage. In addition to health benefit perks, you will also get summers off.

Since most of these companies start offering benefits at 20 hours per week, you will have to ensure you get at least that many hours per week to qualify for the benefits. Some companies may be reluctant to allow workers to work for 20 hours to prevent them from enrolling in the benefits plan. If you are trying to get part-time health insurance, make sure you will be able to work enough hours to qualify for insurance before accepting the job. This way, you will save yourself the trouble of quitting and finding another part-time job that will allow you to work enough hours to qualify for part-time health insurance and other benefits.