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When you’re in the market to get a new home, it can be a really exciting time; especially if while you’re checking out the real estate listings, you happen to notice one that is in the area of town that you’d like, and comes complete with a nice yard and the amount of bedrooms that you’ve been looking for.

5 Potential Red Flags To Home Buyers

However, before you rush to make an offer, there are a few things that we consider to be red flags when it comes to purchasing a house. So, as you’re going through the house, please make sure to keep the following list in mind. That way, if you notice these things, you can move on to another house; one that will prove to be a much wiser investment.

If there is Really Poor Curb Appeal

First impressions are the most important, right? So, if the mailbox is rusty, if the yard is not well-manicured or if porch appears to be cracked or there is a lot of peeling paint coming off of it, there’s not really much of a reason to check out the rest of the house. The outside has already spoken volumes.

If you Notice Strange Smells

Another huge flag is if the smells coming from the inside of the house are similar to rotten eggs or even if they are just really musty. Aside from the fact that it could be an indication of a dirty home, that could also mean that there is some kind of gas leak, a plumbing problem or a mold or mildew infestation; none of which makes a home especially appealing.

If you’re not Allowed to go into Certain Rooms

Even though you are looking through what is currently someone else’s house, being that they are trying to sell it, the owners should be open to you looking through any room that they have. If they do happen to have some doors that are locked or they personally request that you don’t go into a particular one, that could be a sign that something is wrong with it. Definitely mark that as a warning sign.

If Switches or Outlets do not Work

One thing that a lot of people fail to do while inspecting a house is test the switches and outlets but we think that’s its extremely important. As you’re going through the various rooms, check to see if the lights come on with a simple flick of a switch and use your cell phone charger to test out the outlets. If they don’t work, that could mean there is a wiring issue and that can get to be pretty pricey.

If the Sellers don’t want to Offer Specific Details

When you are looking through a house, the real estate agent or the owners of the house should be willing to answer any questions that you might have. And while they might not be able to tell you what the air conditioning ton measurement of their HVAC unit is, what they should be able to share is how old it is. If they don’t want to talk about things like the age of the unit, the water heater or the roofing, take that as another indication that it’s probably best to look elsewhere.