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A lot of people tell you that looks don’t matter and that your inner beauty is more important that your outer beauty. Obsessing over your looks isn’t a good thing, but neglecting your appearance isn’t advised either because whether you like it or not, people make judgments based on physical appearance. Finding a happy medium, like taking care of your looks without becoming obsessed, is the key to being successful. Here are 5 ways your appearance impacts others:

Lack of Grooming Makes You Look Lazy

What do you automatically think about someone who has bedhead, a sloppy beard and yellow teeth? You probably assume that the person isn’t goal oriented, which is why making a good first impression matters. People are highly judgmental on looks, so being hygienic is extremely important if you want to succeed in life. Whether you’re applying for a job or trying to impress a special someone, it’s important to ensure you’re well-groomed because lack of grooming shows others that you are either lazy or filthy.

Looking Put-Together Makes You Look Goal-Oriented

Your physical appearance can impact people in positive and negative ways. When your clothes look ironed and neat, you’ll look like a goal-oriented person who pays attention to details. Perfectionists are the ideal candidates for job openings because every employer wants to work with someone who will give 110% of their effort in everything they do. So, when going to a job interview or meeting someone new, make sure you look picture perfect.

Five Real Ways Your Appearance Impacts Others Opinion

Your Clothes Mean Status

Most of the time, you can tell someone’s social status by their clothing. People who wear designer duds from head-to-toe need to have money to fund the pricey clothes. On the other hand, people who wear worn-out clothes are perceived to be at the bottom of the social status.

Come Across as Confident

People who dress nicely are perceived as confident individuals who take the bull by the horns. That’s the main reason why people should dress nicely for work. You don’t have to wear expensive designer clothes; as long as the clothes are clean and neat, you’ll look great. Here’s a great place to purchase clothes:

Come Across as Happy

If you let your appearance go, you’ll come across as unhappy. Why? Well, if you don’t put effort in how you look, you might seem distant or like you could care less. Putting effort into something shows others that you’re happy with your life.