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Home security systems are popular for theft protection, but this isn’t the only benefit that these systems offer. Today’s security systems come with features that keep your home and family safe in many ways that go above and beyond intruder detection. Whether the threat is from burglary or fire, the right system will keep you covered.

Smoke and Fire Detection


Image via Flickr by GlenCooper

Many security systems now include fire and smoke detection. When the system senses a fire, the fire department is immediately alerted and sent to your home. This is a wonderful benefit if you’re away from home at the time of the fire. While a smoke detector in the home may alert family members within to get out, it isn’t nearly as effective at protecting your home when no one is there. With a security system that detects smoke and fire, you’ll enjoy a faster response time when you’re away so your possessions and home have a better chance of surviving.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that is deadly when inhaled for too long. If a carbon monoxide leak occurs in the night and you don’t hear your detector go off, you and your family are in danger. Products like LifeShield security systems include carbon monoxide detection. If the system detects gas in the home, paramedics and the fire department are automatically dispatched to handle the problem.

Home Safety for Children

Home security systems don’t always distinguish between someone exiting the home and someone entering it. Thus, your alarm will alert you to people attempting to leave the house unauthorized. This is an effective way to make sure small children don’t open windows or doors while parents are unawares. If teenagers aren’t provided with the proper access codes, the alarm will also help to prevent any late night escapades outside the house.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Your home insurance premium is usually lower with a home security system. The reason for this is simple. Burglars are statistically less likely to even attempt breaking into a home with an alarm system. Systems that monitor fire and smoke further reduce the risk of damage to the property. Installing a comprehensive system could lower your insurance expenses a great deal.

Protection from Environmental Damage

Today’s technology makes it possible for your alarm system to alert you to environmental dangers like freezing temperatures that may cause your pipes to burst. If you often forget to leave the tap dripping when it gets cold, a security system with freeze alerts will remind you. These same systems can alert you to water in the home long before you might notice it yourself, saving you from the hassle of mold, mildew, and water damage.

The many benefits of home security systems make them a worthwhile investment for nearly any homeowner, even if you’re not planning to stay in your home. The value of a house goes up when it has a comprehensive security system, making it easier to sell if you’re looking to move.