5 Reasons To Power Wash

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Pressure Washing Contractor
            You’re sitting in your backyard, looking around and you think, “I should really clean this up…it’s filthy.” You grab the hose and realize immediately that this isn’t going to get the job that you’re imagining done. We understand that you want your property to look the way it did when you first bought it, or better! Leave the power washing to the professionals, whether you’ve done it before or you were going to look up a DIY video/website. Here are 5 reasons you should hire a professional power washing company to do your “dirty work.”

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  1. A Healthy House Means a Healthier You – Most people hire someone to pressure wash or do it themselves in order to get a cleaner look to it, but that’s it. What some fail to realize is that the longer your deck, cement, siding and other surfaces sit uncleaned, the more time there is to build up unhealthy amounts of mold and pests. Get rid of those pesky pests that love a dirty area (e.g. rats, spiders, snakes). If there is nothing out there but cement and a deck, where is there to make a home? But more important than this is direct health to you and your family. Clean up the mold to make the air safer to breathe and safe from allergies.
  2. Keep Your Property Pretty – Would you rather look at a dirty yard, or a newly clean one with that fresh look? I know, the answer is pretty obvious. You want to give that “ah” feeling back to it, right? Well, pressure washing is your chance to do that.
  3. Leave it to Professionals – Pressure washing may seem easy and brainless, but trust me when I tell you it has more going into it than it may seem. There are certain things you need to know, and you need to keep your wits about you when pressure washing because you can cause some serious damage to your property if you aren’t cautious! Leave the pressure washing to the professionals to avoid running this risk.
  4. Pressure Washing Is VERY DANGEROUS – It’s just water, what’s the worst it could do? Water alone isn’t what makes power washing dangerous; it’s the pressure at which it comes out! There’s a reason it is called “pressure” and “power” washing, remember. This can cut right through your skin like butter, especially at some of the higher PSIs.
  5. Last But Certainly Not Least: Home Value – Imagine you are looking to buy a new home and you found this beautiful house and everything was just the way you imagined it…inside. Would you want to pay more for a disgusting yard? It’s pretty doubtful, so what do you think your home value does when you leave it be? You want to raise your home value and keep it there! With the economy, especially real estate, the way it is now, you almost can’t afford to lose any value in your home! So if you’re thinking of selling your home, keep this in the front of your mind.

Ryan Gavin is an associate at Carlton Cleans and an advocate for pressure washing.  He believes that clean surfaces are the first step to living clean and healthy lives.

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