5 Reasons To Virtualize Your Business With VMware Converter

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the last several years, you’ve heard that virtualization is the hot, new technology. You’ve heard that it saves money and reduces reliance on hardware expenditures as an IT strategy. You’ve also heard that you should be doing it. So why aren’;t you?

If it’s the transition you’re worried about, don’t. With VMware Converter, the migration from your current physical environment to a virtual one is just about as painless as it gets.

With VMware Converter you can:

  • Convert Microsoft Windows and Linux-based physical machines to VMware
  • Convert other virtual machine formats including Microsoft Virtual Server, Hyper-V, and Virtual PC
  • Backup images of Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery or Norton Ghost physical machines to VMware virtual machines
  • Execute multiple conversions simultaneously

5 Reasons to Virtualize

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Still not convinced? Here are seven reasons to use VMware Converter and take your business to the next – virtual – level:

  • It’s Free
    That’s right. Both VMware Converter is free to download and use. Download it – free of charge – and you’re on your way to managing any P2V and/or V2V migration project for your business
  • Single Interface Convenience
    Using VMware to migrate to the Vsphere management platform means that you can control all of your virtual machines from a single interface. You can access VM hardware, consoles, and storage and avoid the confusion of multiple interfaces.
  • It’s Green
    You’re probably already aware of the amount your business pays for energy costs to run all of those physical machines. Virtualizing your database environment enables you to reduce energy costs and achieve carbon emission goals for your organization.
  • Rapid Deployment
    Server virtualization enables you to set up a new server almost instantly. That means a more rapid deployment cycle for new applications. And with the ability to set up test and production servers on a single virtual machine, you no longer need multiple servers to handle disparate workloads.
  • Unspent Capital
    The biggest benefit of cost and efficiency savings is the money you didn’t spend on the way things used to be. Reduced energy costs, hardware costs, and administration costs mean the ability to use those dollars elsewhere without having to allocate new funds.

VMware Converter is the gateway to a new virtual server environment that will bring your company increased efficiency, decreased costs, decreased time to market, and a smaller carbon footprint.

VMware Converter post provided by Josh Stein on behalf of Confio Software.

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