5 Reasons Why A Range Cooker Is Perfect For Your Home

As the kitchen’s primary purpose is and has always been to facilitate the preparation of meals, we might think of the cooker as the heart of the kitchen, or even the heart of the home, as the cooker emanates heat, warming us up on those cold winter evenings after a long day at work, and no cookers make for a more comforting and attractive addition to a kitchen than range cookers.

Here are five reasons why range cookers come out on top every time:

1. Appearance and Variety
One of the main reasons people choose range cookers for their home is the wide variety on offer. Range cookers come in many different colours, shapes and sizes. Unlike unremarkable stainless steel ovens, range cookers come in a range of warm hues as well as bold colours, from creams to reds to greens to quirky, off-the-wall polka dot range cookers. All rooms need a focal point, so why not make your cooker – the heart of your kitchen – the focal point of the room by investing in a range cooker?

2. Choice of Energy
Although typically gas cookers, range cookers can be electric too, giving homeowners the choice – there are even dual-fuel range cookers on the market. The moisture emitted by gas-powered cookers in the cooking cavities makes them perfect for baking, while electric range cooker ovens are usually fan assisted, unlike their gas counterparts, allowing better temperature stability.

3. Cook More in Less Time!
A big advantage of range cookers is that they allow you to cook more in less time. The range of cooking cavities and the space on the hob allows you to have several dishes on the go at once – just make sure you can handle the heat!

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4. Long-lasting
Many people see range cookers as an investment because they can be trusted to last far longer than conventional cookers. Plus, you can even bring them with you if ever you move house, so your beloved range cooker will become just another member of the family.

5. Economise on Space
Range cookers can also be a more convenient choice as they don’t have to be fitted with the kitchen cabinets. Plus, if you’re trying to economise on space, range cookers come in a variety of different sizes and combine many different kitchen appliances in one unit as range cookers allow you to bake, roast, grill, fry… However you want your food cooked, odds are you can cook it that way with a range cooker!

With so many things playing in its favour, a range cooker would make a wonderful heart for any kitchen, exuding warmth and the smell of fresh baking, welcoming people into your cosy and snug home.

This article was written by retired homeowner Fidelma Langan who has been using range cookers in her home for years.

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