5 Reasons Why “Tub Chairs” Are Cool!

A tub chair is a unique style of chair that brings sophistication and personality anywhere it is used. It looks good in a living room as a comfortable chair, as a swivel chair in an office or as dining chairs around the main dining table. They are ideal for the lounge, bar or bedroom as well. The versatility of the chair makes it an additional benefit and a must for every household.

A leather tub chair gives a stately elegance to a home office, living or lounge area. In other fabrics and patters, they make a trendy and friendly statement. They are a rare piece of furniture that have been around for a long time and continue to be fashionable and popular.

Tub chairs are a great choice because they:

1) Are known to be comfortable to sit in for hours. This is because of the particular shape they have, the high back and support all around, along with a ottoman, make it rival a sofa for comfort. Once the tub chair was reserved for royalty, but now it is here for everyone to enjoy.

2) Can give a simple elegant style to the area they are used, or they can bring a colorful and modern look. The wide variety of patterns and colors, make it easy to choose a unique look for your home.

3) Make a perfect alternative to a sofa; especially when it is a small room and there is not much space. Without being bulky and huge, they provide comfort and support, and are much easier to move.

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4) Come in a swivel option, which makes for a cool alternative to a regular office chair. Having a swivel tub chair in your living, or kitchen, area can be very helpful when there are several areas you want to keep an eye on. The comfort can move with you and you do not have to hurt your back.

5) Are made of high quality materials, which mean they will last for many years to come. The wood used to make tub chairs, is from a sustainable source, therefore, when you buy one, you can rest assured that you are respecting forest.

It is usually not a good idea to just get one tub chair for your home, as it will quickly become the most coveted chair, and you do not want to have to save your place in your own home. Although getting a matching set is the most common, an alternative is to get two very different colors or patterns that complement each other. This adds a lot of fun to the decor of the room.

One of the unusual qualities of a tub chair is that it is an exceedingly traditional design that looks extremely modern. This is a versatility that not many chairs have. They offer a lot of comfort, and the ability to look great in any setting whether simple, sleek, crazy, modern or classical, this has made them a favorite for over two centuries.

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