5 Reasons You Should Not Pay for Your Child’s College Education

5 Reasons You Should Not Pay for Your Child’s College Education

Many parents are torn when it comes to their child’s education. Should you pay for your child’s education or let her do it on her own? While sending your child to college on your dime may seem like a great thing to do, there are many problems with this idea. The following are just five reasons you should not pay for your child’s college education.

Paying for an Education Teaches Responsibility

If you want your child to be responsible, you need to make him pay for his own education. This will teach him to work hard to get what he wants out of life. If he wants to go to college, he’ll not only work to get good grades in high school so he can get a scholarship, but he may even get a part-time job to help save up for his tuition. The sooner your child learns to pay for what he really wants the better.

Those Who Pay for Their Education Value It More

Many college students that have their education paid by their parents don’t value their education. In fact, some feel like they are forced to be there. This can lead your child to put in less effort on assignments, which may cause her to fail some courses. Don’t assume your child will think a college education is an amazing gift.

It’s a Growing Experience

Learning to cover college and living expenses at the same time can be a learning experience. Those that have their education and living expenses covered by their parents may have part-time jobs that cover nothing but fun purchases. Once college is over, many of these students have no idea how to live in the real world.

Paying for Their Education Doesn’t Mean They’ll Go

Saving all that money doesn’t mean that your child will go to college. When he graduates high school, he may have dreams of traveling the world or starting his own business. Trying to force him to choose college instead will only put a rift between the two of you and even if he enrolls that doesn’t mean he’ll go to class.

You Have to Consider Your Own Future As Well

You’ve taken care of her, but that doesn’t mean she’ll take care of you. When the time comes to retire, do you think your child is going to pay for your expenses? You can choose to fund her education or you can choose to fund your own retirement, taking the future strain off your child.

It may seem like a nice idea to pay for your child’s college education, but that doesn’t mean you should. Your child may not even want to go to college and, even if they do, making him pay for his own education, find ways to save, compare used textbooks, and find ways to find his own supplies will make him value it more.

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