5 Reasons You’ll Love Canada

5 Reasons You’ll Love Canada

If you are looking for a wonderful place to visit for your next holiday, then look no further than Canada. While some would argue that Canada is standing in the shadow of America, the truth is that Canada outshines America in a few different areas.

Canada reaches north to the Arctic, where it is below freezing all year long. The average temperatures in lower Canada typically create a wonderful holiday destination that you must visit. Being the huge country that it is, Canada has something for everyone in your family. Here are five reasons to make your next travel plans to Canada:

1. The Landscapes
The beautiful country of Canada is ever-expanding and the variety in landscapes is extreme. Snow covered mountains are scattered across the north country, and pristine forests still cover substantial areas of unpopulated landscape. If you like to camp, campgrounds around the perimeter of northern Canada will entice you to spend the summer. The coastlines on either shore are extraordinary, and the city population is only a short drive away. Don’t forget that the Niagara Falls are in Canada too.

2. The People
As you are travelling the country, don’t be surprised by the friendliness and kindness of the people. The heritage of the citizens is typically British and French, and up until this generation, they were under the rule of England. If you are planning to travel to Montreal, polish up on your French first because that is the primary language there.

3. The Food (and beer)
Canada has scrumptious selection of fresh fish available, especially on the coasts. If you don’t like fish, don’t worry, there are plenty of excellent restaurants to try where you can enjoy a top quality five-star dinner, including a mouth-watering steak dinner. Be sure to take time out to visit some of the small local bars, with imported beer. Delicious burgers and chips, or fish and chips for are popular choices for lunch and midnight snacks.

4. The Things to See and Do
There is plenty for you and your travelling companions to do while you are visiting Canada, including: fishing, swimming, boating, skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, shopping, visiting the theatre, going to the movies, dancing in the clubs, taking in a ice hockey game and touring the museums. The list is really endless ensuring that you will never be bored and stuck for things to do.

5. The Accommodation
Accommodation across the country are just as varied as the landscape. In the large cities of Toronto and Montreal, you will find five-star luxurious hotels and chain hotels, but when you get out into the country, you’ll find quaint B&B’s, and small town novelty hotels that offer a certain charm. Canada is a country that offers such a level of diversity in every way that leaving will prove to be difficult.

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