5 Simple Tips To Sell your old Phone and Make money

Thanks to technology, each day brings a new mobile model with great specifications, forcing people, like you and me to invest a considerable amount in getting our hands on them. If you think thoroughly, this switching from a previous model to a newer one always causes an outflow, without bringing anything for the old device. Now, what you can do to balance this outflow somehow is to sell phone that is old enough not to be used by you, in the best deal possible. However, what you need to remember is that your expected revenue should be directly proportional to the condition and market value of your cell phone.

Here are a few most efficient tips to sell phone and make money:

1. Sell it to someone you know
If your cell phone is working all fine, and someone in your circle ever showed interest in your phone, you must approach him first. Selling your device to people you know brings you the highest payback as compared to selling it to a marketplace, where it’s always you who have to bear the share of the dealers too. But, an important fact which should be kept in mind before you even plan to sell your cell is to make sure that the deal doesn’t affect the terms in between and the person you are dealing with.

2. Sell it to a Mobile Dealer
If you are aware of any defect in your set, or the condition is truly bad enough not to be given to a relative or a friend, then the best option for quick recovery of money is to sell it off. Visit a dealer and sell it then and there. The return is minimum in this case as the dealer buys it in less price from you and then sell it to others making profit. In short, it’s best method to get rid of a broken or malfunctioned cell phone.

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3. Selling it to mobile Recyclers
It happens sometimes that even the dealers refuse to buy a broken cell phone from you, knowing that its market value is zero. Imagine what? You can still get something in return of your mobile’s body and components. Working on the principle of helping environment, these mobile recyclers pay you quite well for something that wouldn’t have given you a penny.

4. Instant Purchase Websites
Sites like eBay and Amazon can be an option too. All what’s required is to give a complete description of your device, stating an honest condition. The best part is, these sites pay for shipping. Once the phone is delivered to them, they test it; compare it with the description you gave and then pay you. This is one of the lengthiest procedures of getting rid of an old phone.

5. Selling via Online Market Yourself
When you can use Social Media for every other thing happening in your life, then why not here? You can set statuses, send tweets; join communities, pages that are readily available. You can place the offer and those who would be interested may contact you themselves.

These were some most common methods that can bring you an acceptable amount for the spare device lying somewhere in your drawer. Make sure you choose the option that suits you the best in every way.


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