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Most business people consider having a website as necessary in the current scenario. But, some of them aren’t aware about the importance of having a website for their website. Whether you are selling a product or service, a website is a must-have for all kinds of business. Having a website will help you to improve your reach and communication with customers worldwide. It helps in building online reputation for your website. Customers across the web can judge and decide whether they can choose/buy your service/product while going through the website. Creating a website is a simple task now. However, finding the best web development company in Kerala might not be that simple. Choose the best one who can offer you the best service. If you are about to create a website for your website, you have two options- create one on your own, or hire a company to do it for you. Whether you choose a web development company or do it yourself, you will need to follow these steps. These steps play a very important role in website development.

5 Stages Of Building A Small Business Website

  1. Information gathering: It is the first step involved in website building. Gathering information helps the process of concept building. During this step, you should identify the purpose and aim of building the website. You should also identify how your website is going to attract potential customers. The things you need to consider during this phase include:
  • Goals
  • Purpose
  • Target audience
  • Content
  1. Planning: The second most important stage while building a website is planning. Every step and process should be planned so that everything is done systematically. It starts from creating the sitemap to marketing strategies. During this phase, the developer will also consider the requirements of the customer and the technologies they need to use while building the website.
  2. Design: The website design has a great influence in online marketing. The overall look and feel of the website can attract people towards your website and business. The design will be based on the target audience, service/product you offer and so many other factors. The colour scheming, logo, and images etc. used in the design are important in building your brand identity.
  3. Development: This is the face of creation. During this phase, the web developer will make the created web pages live. It is during this process that the elements like WordPress, CMS, shopping carts and contact forms are made functional. You will be able to make the required changes in your website during this phase.
  4. Testing and deliver: It is the last, but not the least phase in building a website. This can be considered as the final stage of the website creation process. During this phase, the web developing professionals will check the functionality of the website. If any errors found, it will be corrected during this phase itself. They will check whether the website runs properly on all the browsers and confirm proper functioning before making it live.