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If you’re a homeowner then odds are you already understand the value of a good handyman for your home. From the general upkeep of a property to small construction and woodwork projects, a good handyman can be priceless. However, finding one that you count on when it matters has never been any easy task. Instead of going round the houses next time you need to hire a new handyman, simply follow the below five tips and odds are you’ll find what you’re after sooner rather than later.

1. List of Tasks

Don’t go into your handyman search blind. Create a list of the usual tasks that the handyman of your property will regularly undertake. Having this list can help determine what type of help you require and focus in on handymen who have those types of skills. It should be noted however that it is rare that you will find a handyman who is a professional in all the tasks you require. You will more than likely be looking for a handyman who ticks as many of the boxes as possible, rather than one that ticks them all.

2. Draw up a Shortlist

It is easy to sign up the first handyman who sweet-talks you, but only fools rush into a decision. After evaluating several prospective handymen’s credentials, draw up a final shortlist and interview them one by one. Don’t hold back with the questioning and to the best of your ability test their knowledge.  Always try and make it that this interview takes place in person as well, because it is always of benefit to meet face to face before hiring anyone. This process may be time consuming, but should separate the good from the bad.

5 Steps To Finding A Reliable Handyman

3. Reviews and Feedback

They are entirely subjective, but are a necessary read for someone looking to hire a handyman. Get online and visit sites like Yelp and Checkatrade, as they will probably be host to customer reviews for  the very right handymen  that you are evaluating. Odds are you will read both positive and negative comments, and it goes without saying that you want your potential handyman to have a high ratio of good reviews. However, it should be noted that reviews will always be a subjective medium and you should never make your handyman decision based solely upon this.

4. Evaluate Their Qualifications

It is easy enough for a handyman to say that he do ‘such and such’, but in this day and age just a proclamation isn’t enough. Handymen these days need to be qualified and have proof to show it. So, if your handyman says he knows roofing, ask to see any roof work related qualifications he may have, if he says he has plumbing experience the same applies and so forth. This is one area where many homeowners seemingly slip-up, remember that a handyman should be able to show that he is qualified to do what is required of him. Even though not as essential it might be worth enquirer with the education establishment to confirm the authenticity of any qualifications presented.

5. Ask for References

After evaluating your potential new handyman, looking over experience, qualifications and going through the interview process. Ask them for client  references. Any handyman worth his salt will have a list of contactable references that they will be more than willing to hand over to you. This is the easiest way to confirm that the handyman is who they say they are and confirm their quality of work. If a handyman can’t provide client or employer references, then it may be best to steer clear of them.