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5 Suggestions For Super Shiny Coats

Pet owners take pride in the way their animals look, just like car lovers do with their automobiles. One of the easiest ways to make an animal look amazing is to keep his coat shiny and clean. Shiny coats indicate healthy pets, and healthy pets make or happy pet owners. Here are five suggestions to maintain the sheen of your pet’s fur.

1 – Buy Quality Pet Food

The ingredients in your pet’s food have a lot to do with the way his coat looks. The same theory applies to humans and any other animals. If you’re used to buying whatever is on sale, you might want to up your budget a bit. You can find food that is scientifically formulated to improve the sheen of pet fur, but you could get positive results from any pet food brand. Seek out all-natural pet foods that use meat as the first ingredient in their products.

2 – Brush the Fur Regularly

Most pets love to be brushed, and doing this will be a great way to reduce the tangles in your pet’s fur. Think about how bad your hair looks when you first get out of bed. You have to brush it to make it look good again. If you brush your pet’s fur on a regular basis, you can make sure he doesn’t walk around with unintentional bed head. You wouldn’t want that now, would you?

3 – Bathe Your Pet Often

You don’t have to worry about bathing cats, but you should try to wash a dog on a regular basis. Indoor pets do not have to be bathed quite as often as outdoor pets, so just try to gauge the frequency based on your pet’s activity levels. The more he sweats and rolls around in the dirt, the more you will have to wash his coat clean.

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4 – Remove Signs of Matting

If your pet has long hair, he might experience some matting over time. Matted fur basically looks like a giant clump that cannot be brushed easily. The best thing to do at that point is to cut out the matted fur and allow new fur to grow. If you already know that your pet’s fur will mat in the summer, you might just want to shave it down. It will eventually grow out to the sleek, shiny coat you want your pet to have.

5 – Keep Your Hands Clean

Your hands will have an impact on your pet’s fur. Every time you pet him, you rub the oils and grim from your hand onto his fur. This will make him look grungy over time, just like your hair might look if you run your fingers through it too much. Try to wash your hands before petting your pet, and he will look much better in the long run.

If you follow the tips above throughout the year, you will be able to maintain the shine on your pet’s fur coat. Then all you have to worry about is turning down autograph offers from all the other pouches in the neighborhood 😉

About the Author: Susan is a nursing student with a secret passion for pet care. She plans to go back to school to become a vet after she gathers enough scholarship money to pay for the education.

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