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When thinking how to sell watches that have been pre-owned, the decision mustn’t be taken lightly. It doesn’t matter if the watch that is being sold is made by a luxury manufacturer or one that isn’t known across the world. This is because there are various important factors to consider when doing so:

 5 Things To Consider When Selling A Watch

Is the Buyer Trustworthy?

If a watch is sold on EBay and the person that has placed the highest bid hasn’t got a good feedback rating, its owner should consider rejecting it. When a bidder has poor feedback, it could take a while for funds to arrive. The same also applies if an EBay account has been created recently and has no feedback – there is no way of knowing for certain that an account holder is entirely trustworthy. When a potential buyer prefers to purchase a watch by BACS instead of PayPal, they should be ignored.

Ask Buyers to Send Payment Quickly

When a watch owner wants to be paid soon after selling it, specify that payment should arrive quickly. If an online buyer takes several days or weeks to send payment, this is incredibly inconvenient. To avoid this situation, it should be stated on an advertisement that a watch must be paid for within days.

Get an Original Box

If a luxury watch is sold, an original box should be provided because its owner could get a higher price. An original box for a Rolex or a Cartier watch can be purchased on an internet auction site. As the cost of buying an original box isn’t necessarily expensive, a watch owner won’t accrue a lot of additional expense.

Find a Certificate of Authenticity

Many watch manufacturers, such as Cartier and Rolex, provide a Certificate of Authenticity for each model. A very important document, it is relatively easy to obtain a copy of a Certificate of Authenticity if its owner has lost it. By asking an official dealer or a watch manufacturer, a copy can be issued. In fact, it won’t take long to do so. When a watch is due to be sold and funds are needed within a matter of weeks, this option is incredibly convenient, especially as it can be stated in an advertisement that its owner has a Certificate of Authenticity.

Have it Serviced

Long before its owner has found the answer to ‘should I sell my watch?’ they must have it serviced. Even if a watch has worked perfectly for a while, it can be assumed that there is nothing wrong with it. However, the opposite can be true. By arranging to have a watch serviced by an official repairer, the quality of their work cannot be doubted. Not only do they use accredited parts that are made from high quality materials but a watch won’t also have to be serviced again for a while. When a watch is put up for sale, it can be specified that it has recently been serviced. As a result, there can be far more interest in it. If you are looking to sell watches then click here for more information. There are many reputable watch professionals online who will offer great prices for quality pre-owned watches such as Rolex and Cartier.