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5 Things To Do Before You Get Old

There will come a stage in your life where you have finally reached the time when you are financially secure; for some it may take 10 years and for some it may take 30 years. The time really does not matter, what matters is what are you going to with your life. I recently read a quote that said ‘Do not get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life’, having all the money and success in the world means nothing if you have spent all your time in the office. Here is a list of the top things to do before you get to old to do them.

  • Review your savings

The last thing you want to do once you finally have some extra money is go spend it all. Be wise with what you have achieved and take a close look at your savings. Then ask yourself if there are any big events coming up that you will need the money for? A wedding for example! Perhaps you need to get rid of any outstanding debts that are tying you down.

  • Travel

This can mean locally or overseas, travelling is about experiences – tasting new food, indulging in new experiences and getting involved in a different culture. Go to France and hire a car, explore the back roads and find hidden gems. Take a train across Europe with no plans in mind, just your back pack on your back and your map book in hand.

  • Move overseas for a year

This can be an exciting and daunting experience yet one that will stay with you forever! It is the perfect opportunity to make friends in different countries, learn a new language, do things you wouldn’t do in your home town and fall in love.

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  • Pub Tour

Go on a random pub tour across Ireland and go by yourself! Do something without anyone going with you, this will give you the opportunity to really just be yourself and meet new people while experiencing something you would NEVER normally do. This might be out of your comfort zone, but that is exactly the point.

  • Get a Tattoo

At this stage in your life you would have experienced your fair share of hurt, anger, love and happiness! Forget about the judgment of others and get a tattoo that will remind you of certain things in your life. Things you do not ever want to forget.

Nicole de Freitas is an avid writer in travel and she enjoys encouraging people about relocating overseas to make the most out of their life.

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