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Seeking for an adventurous ride and to spend some time apart from the city’s busy and rush life to some where sound place with greenery and mountains, then I would suggest you to plan your holidays for Ella in Sri Lanka. Ella is a really nice place and more precisely it’s a small mountain village in midst of the natural green environment. Ella is located in the heart of tea plantation area and it’s a worthy place to just rest day or two. The place is known as the paradise for visitors and adventure seekers, the excellent view of the Ella is breathtaking and on a clear day you can even see the south coastal line. Here I have a list for making your journey more pleasant by do and take experience of such things and places.


Ravana Falls

Ravana Falls is the first place from where you should start your journey, Sita was supposed to be held here. Rawana Falls is the perfect place to spend some time with your family. The weather remains cool and breeze wind flows all over the year. Take a bath in the cold water of fall and feel refreshing. Also you can take something with you to eat and have a party there. So, it’s a pretty cool place to spend an entire day.

Ella Gap

Ella is the small mountain village and situated in the heart of the tea plantation area. The stunning view and scenic beauty makes it a perfect place for the honey moon couples and families. You can experience many different cultures and taste here. Take a good camera long with you to capture all sparkling moments.

Little’s Adam Peak

If you take a short walk of about 45 minute from Ella gap then you would reach at the Little’s Adam Peak. Many beautiful things will come into your way such as tea plantation area, landscape views, wild life, resorts etc. enjoy the splendid view from the top of the Little’s Adam Peak.

Tea Plantation

Plantation of tea is somehow a different and interesting thing to do if you are on the mountains of Ella. On the way to Ella to Little’s Adam Peak, you will pass through the tea estate from where you can take a closer look to leafs of the tea plants and contact with tea leaver pickers which are mainly from South India.

Dream Café for Accommodation

If you are looking for a good place for your accommodation then I would suggest you to book your suite at Dream Café. It’s a perfect place to spend your holidays with your family and enjoy the all luxuries offered by the café. All the rooms are well furnished and assure your best relax and comfort. The wood flooring and interior gives you the boutique feel. The bath rooms are equipped with all basic amenities and café staff is available in your service for 24 hrs. You would love the recipes of the café.

All above listed are to get a better experience of Ella, if you are making your mood to visit such place then I would suggest you to make a perfect planning before heading to the place.