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5 Things To Ward Off Seasonal Affective Disorder

With summer over, the weather getting worse and days getting darker earlier, many tend to suffer from the very real, diagnosed condition of Seasonal Affective Disorder (or fittingly enough, S.A.D). It’s a feeling of apathy and misanthropy that scientists attribute to a lack of sunlight exposure but we could simply break down to being back from holidays and having nothing major to look forward to till Christmas. While it is considered a “soft” syndrome or condition, it can create a general lack of energy or motivation to do things. So below are a few ways to ward off this feeling:

1) Take Up A New Hobby

With early mornings that are pitch black if you have to get up early, and the same overcast weather when we leave work, we don’t get receive much exposure to the sunshine which gets us all excited and ready to drop everything like a few months previously. It can also feel like a sense of disconnect or that time is standing still if it is perpetually dark and overcast. As a result, we just want to rush to and from work, and stay indoors. If you live alone, this can be very isolating. Instead embrace the bad weather and make a point to start something new, like a class you have to sign up for. It will prompt you to be more adventurous and open even if the weather isn’t as supportive.

2) Protect Yourself From The Weather

To help with the point above, you ideally want to be as wrapped up and protected as possible. Simply, from a health viewpoint, if you’re feeling good, you’ll be more willing to do things. If you’re constantly down the flu, you’ll be achy, stuffed up and not feeling your best or at your most social (people probably won’t want to be around you incase they get sick as well). Basically, being ill is never enjoyable and can make you just want to stay in at home and isolate yourself even further. If you can invest in a stylish new winter jacket or coat, you can consider it just that: an investment, which you can make use of every day for half the year, and then next Winter again. Many find that drab winter clothing brings them down anyway and is more about purpose than aesthetic value; it can be unflattering but a great new piece for your wardrobe is an easy way  to boost your confidence (especially if you take great pride in how you look).

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3) Improve Your Home

When it comes down to it, there will be days when you just have to stay in when the weather is terrible, no one wants to go out or you’re ill. You’ll be spending more time in your home during these few months so make it the best it can be, especially if you’ll be hosting parties or events for the holidays. Embrace the fact that it will be a sedentary few months and buy a few DVD boxsets to pass the time, either alone or with a loved one (you’re probably tired of socialising frequently from the summer months anyway). If you’ll be watching a lot of television or films or simply be at home more, invest in a few new electrical appliances and equipment, like a flatscreen television to watch those DVD boxsets on, or new furniture so you’re indulging in comfort.

Author Bio:
Paul suffers from S.A.D to some extent every year and often finds a new way to keep his energy and moral up each year. This year, he’s looking forward to finally watching The Shield and The Thick of It on DVD, as well as learn a few new editing skills while stuck indoors.

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