5 Tips For A Stylish Nursery

5 Tips For A Stylish Nursery

One of the most exciting events in life is having children. However, it is no secret that every parent stresses out about it beforehand. There are doctor visits, clothes to buy, showers to attend, supplies to get in order… not to mention the nursery! And of all of these things on your pre baby-day to-do list, preparing the nursery may be the most exhaustive. It is easy enough to buy those new baby clothes and toys… but you need a nursery before you can even begin putting things away!

Well, don’t stress. The truth is that, while there is a lot to do, you will definitely get it done. And even if you don’t, you are still having your baby… and it will still be an amazing experience! Also, since you still have a few months before the baby arrives, there is still plenty of time to get things rolling. When it comes to putting together a nursery, there are definitely a few things to keep in mind. These tips will help you as you go through the process of creating a functional, stylish nursery for your new little bundle of joy!

Tip #1… Start with Paint and Flooring

Before moving anything into your new nursery, make sure that you have painted everything that will need to be painted. You should also make sure that the flooring is finished. It will be a lot easier to finish these tasks while the room is empty then it will once you start moving things in. Besides, trying to paint with baby furniture in the way will not only be more of a chore, but could lead to you getting paint on your new baby things! You could just move everything out, but then you will have moved it at least twice as much as was necessary (and you DEFINITELY don’t need to be moving furniture while pregnant!). It is much simpler and much easier to prepare the room before moving everything in.

Tip #2… Creative Artwork for Your Walls

One trend that is very popular for nursery walls right now is painting murals, graphics, or designs. You can paint cartoon characters, storybook characters, princesses, dinosaurs, or whatever you think would fit with your baby’s nursery décor. If you are not much of an artist, don’t sweat it… you can surely find a college student or young artist who would do the job for a little cash. They would get some work on the side, and you would get a stylish, attractive paint job that will fit perfectly with your design ideas!

Tip #3… Begin with the Basics

Begin by organizing and decorating your nursery with the major components first. Figure out where you would like your crib, where you would like your rocking chair (you should definitely consider a black leather reclining chair for feeding your baby, as these chairs are especially comfortable and relaxing!), and where you are going to put things like the dresser, the changing table, and the toy box. Once you have placed these, it is time to start planning things like wall decorations, curtains, rugs, etc.

Tip #4… Plan Your Colors

Whether you are choosing paint or buying decorations, it is important that you mix colors that complement each other. Assorted random colors do not usually come off on a very stylish tone. Take the time to decide what you would like the colors to be, and then shop appropriately. For a girl, perhaps pinks, purples, light blues, yellows, or light greens would be the way to go. For a boy, you might consider colors that are a bit darker. Blues, greens, browns, and even reds are all popular choices.

Tip #5… Don’t Forget the Essentials

In planning your nursery, it can be easy to forget a few of the essential things that you will definitely want to have. Here is a brief list of some things that you might want to add to your shopping list…

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Socks
  • A Baby Thermometer
  • Blankets
  • Diaper Rash Cream
  • Pacifiers
  • A Rear-Facing Car Seat
  • Baby Lotion and Shampoo

Don’t worry… you are going to do a fantastic job! Just remember that the most important thing is enjoying every moment you get with your new baby. They grow up VERY fast, so spend as much time loving, caring for, and playing with your baby as you can!

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