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5 Tips For Improving Your Flying ExperienceAre you preparing for your next flight? Address any flying-related worries and improve your experience in the air by following a few simple tips. Disciplining yourself to adopt a flying ritual can create order in your mind and at the airport.

Arrive at the Airport Early

Get to the airport with time to spare. Ease travel or flying related anxieties by arriving at least 2 and a half hours before your flight is scheduled to take off. Your best laid plans can be shot to pieces due to weather related delays. Waking up earlier to allow for delays can dissipate your anxieties. Whether you picked a slow-moving check in line or some other unforeseen circumstance puts you behind schedule leaving early for the airport helps you enjoy a peaceful trip.

Book Aisle Seats

Unless you enjoy watching the passing scenery book aisle seats to improve the quality of your flight. Address any claustrophobic worries by providing yourself with ample space. Having the option to take a bathroom break at any time helps you feel less confined. The aisle seat crowd also leaves the plane first. Save yourself time. Give yourself space. Book aisle seats for your next flight.

Spend Some Time by Yourself

Sitting in quiet before taking a flight can improve your experience dramatically. Seeking out alone time clears your mind of negative thoughts. These fears might originate in your mind or perhaps you accepted these fears from a person who fears flying. Find a quiet spot in the airport. Leave your friends and family for an extended period of time. Being by yourself for only 10 to 15 minutes helps you clear your mind and ease any flying-related anxieties speedily.

Fly Short Distances Before Booking a Long Flight

Before you decide to fly to the other side of the world take a short flight. Familiarize yourself with taking off, landing and experiencing turbulences well in advance of an extended plane flight. Build up your flying confidence to thoroughly enjoy your airplane experience. If you are terrified of flying taking the baby steps approach helps you to embrace your fears more easily compared to immersing yourself in a 10 or 15 hour flight. Instead of driving 12 hours to your relative’s house take an hour long flight to the festivities. Improve your experience and save yourself significant time by traveling by air instead of car.

Keep Your Mind Occupied

I am writing these words situated 35,000 feet above Bangkok Thailand. Working, playing or simply reading an interesting novel focuses your mind on an important task. Moving your attention can improve the quality of your flight and eases any anxieties you might experience in or pre flight. Focus your attention on some task at hand. Travel with your laptop to watch funny movies or soak up fun pictures to lighten up. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Enjoy your flying experience.

About the Author:Ryan Biddulph enjoys traveling and blogging about how to find cheap flights to Europe.