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5 Tips for Planning an Awesome Snowboarding TripDespite the glamour and fun of New York City during Christmas time, maybe it’s time for a change up. Maybe checkout the slopes in Vermont, California, Colorado, Montana, or even Vancouver. Plan a winter vacation by following these few tips.

It’s September, but the time to start planning your winter vacation is now. Don’t wait till November, December, or even January to book the lift tickets and update snowboarding or ski gear. You’ll lose money by waiting for winter’s arrival. They key to planning a successful and awesome snowboarding trip this winter is starting early.

Update Your Gear Now

Are you an experienced or novice winter sports athlete? It doesn’t matter that much. The snowboarding or ski gear doesn’t make the athlete, but it affects your performance and the quality of the experience on a vacation.

If you’re the veteran on the slopes, then it’s important to start checking your snowboard or skis, snow pants, jacket, goggles, helmet, knit hats, gloves, and anything else you’ll need for the winter trip.

For the beginner that will quickly graduate from the bunny slopes, start investing in gear now. Scan online ads, read the reviews, and find the best deals for your winter trip. Maybe closely examine Burton snowboarding jackets from The right jacket keeps you warm and dry against the elements.

Book Lodging 

Start scanning the local hotels, motels, and resorts for the best deals for lodging. Saving money in any way possible gives you more cash for other activities on your trip. Don’t push off the search until a month prior of your planned trip. The best time to look is now.  Hotels or ski resorts may be offering fantastic deals for the early birds that are already willing to commit a weekend or week at their resort.

Buy Lift Tickets Ahead of Time

Don’t wait to get to your destination to purchase the lift tickets. You’ll end up paying outrageous prices for skiing and snowboarding. Instead, search for the best deals for lift tickets online. Usually, when purchased months in advance, you can probably discover some pretty amazing lift ticket bargains that will leave plenty of leftover cash to eat out, go on a tour, or buy local gifts for friends and family.

Share Expenses

Do you really need an entire room to yourself? If going on the trip with a friend or friends, cut your living expenses down. Book a room with two twin or queen beds.

Another way to cut expenses is to find a resort with an available kitchenette or meals included. Limit the number of times you eat out and attempt to cook a few meals at the resorts kitchenette available to visitors. These are all things you need to inquire about before the time of the trip arrives in order to better prepare.

Plan Other Activities

A winter ski or snowboarding trip isn’t complete unless with additional activities. Plan a trip to the local breweries, go cross country skiing, host a fondue dinner, shop at the local businesses, and try the famed restaurants in the area.

The extra activities depend on the trip destination. If in Montana, then try to find a controlled hot spring to swim at. In Vermont? Visit Burlington or the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory. Diversifying the activities on your trip will keep you and your friends engaged entertained.