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5 Tips For Small Business Using Social Media

Are you wanting to promote your business using the many types of social media out there today? Maybe you are thinking of having a presence on Facebook? And possibly Twitter? And then there is the more professional LinkedIn and other social media like Pinterest and Instagram. Maybe you already have a presence on some or all of these but are confused as to how to make the best of this. Or maybe you don’t know anything about social media and are confused about the whole thing but feel you should keep up by having a presence.

The tips below will help whether you are new to this way of promoting and marketing your business or whether you already use social media but want to optimise your presence.

  1. Do not be anti- social

Remember that people are on these social media sites primarily for the purpose of social networking. They want to read interesting stuff about other people, and businesses, and be able to have conversations. If you are listening to someone talk about themselves all the time it becomes a bit boring. It is the same for businesses. People don’t want to hear business promotion talk all the time.

People are more likely to visit your page if it is a place where their opinions are listened to and where interesting conversations are fostered. Tell people about new products, but also listen to customers, encourage conversation, and allow customers, and others in your industry to make posts.

  1. Have quality content

Don’t just put anything on you social media pages. If it seems like all they are getting is the same old regurgitated content over and over then your followers will switch off. There is no point in putting out anything just to make it look like you are active. Your content needs to be quality to engage your followers. It is better to share other people’s, and business’s, posts rather than making up your own for the sake of it. Having quality content on your page whether this is your own, or from others, will mean you continue to engage followers and customers and keep them connected with you.

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  1. Respond to your followers

Make sure you spend time answering customer queries as quick as possible. If you do not have an answer straight away, tell them you are looking into it. A quick and efficient response to questions gives a good impression to your followers.

  1. Have different content for different social media

Don’t just duplicate your content across all the social media you have a presence on. Having the same thing on Facebook as LinkedIn isn’t going to work because people join different networks for different reasons. LinkedIn is a network for professionals so tailor your content accordingly. Facebook on the other hand is good for photos and other media so adjust your content for an audience that is used to this.

  1. Have a strategy

When you decide to use social media the most important thing is to know what your goals are. First of all decide which social media you want to have a presence on. Some will suit your company more than others so rather than spreading yourself thin pick one or two that are going to benefit your company most. Then have a goal that you are aiming for and post content that will get you there. For example if you want to get more Facebook followers have posts, like promotions, that will attract more people

If you use the above tips hopefully you will be making the best use of social media sites

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