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5 Tips To Get Your Energy Back

It seems like every day, we run a little slower. Sure, we promise to work harder the next day. Or the next. But we have to start doing what we promise, and we need the energy to it — even if we don’t know where to start. So, here are five tips that you can use to get your energy back.

1. Sleep.

Yes, that should be obvious, and it’s almost become a cliché. However, it’s the truth. If you want more energy you have to sleep more. Because we often overestimate how much we sleep, start a sleep log. Every night, write down what time you hit the sack. In the morning, write down the time you wake up. Try to shoot for at least seven hours of sleep every night. If that doesn’t work, add more, then less. Give yourself a couple of weeks to make sure that the adjustments are working.

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2. Eat.

Again, obvious and cliché. However, don’t aim for a big breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eat enough in the morning to kill hunger. Eat a snack during the day if you feel a bit peckish. Around lunchtime, eat small again, followed by another snack a bit later. And for dinner, eat just enough to be satiated, not full. See, by eating just enough to keep going, your body won’t spend so much energy digesting all of the food you ate at once. That leads to increased energy for everything else.

3. Drink.

Do you notice a pattern here? Water is the best fluid you can have, and cold water is the best. A couple of glasses in the morning is equivalent to coffee, without the crash that follows. Additionally, our body slows down when we’re dehydrated. By drinking, we replenish our insides, leading to increased energy and vigor.

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4. Nap.

If you find yourself to be a little tired after the noontime meal, don’t be afraid to take a quick nap. Instead of working while you’re fatigued, power napping gives a nice boost to the rest of the day.

5. Lastly, talk.

Your brain devoted a surprising amount of processing power to this seemingly simple activity. If you can talk to your coworkers or chat with customers, do so. You won’t notice how tired you are after a conversation or two.

Theses are some of the ways I keep myself going through the day, without feeling sluggish and lethargic. It’s just a small list, but each suggestion will help anyone.

Written by the health and wellness experts at CompressionStocking.co, the online leader in compression socks.

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