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5 Ways To Create Better Relationship With Your Customers

In today’s competitive business world, forging and maintaining strong relationships with clients can go a long way towards securing the future of your business. By going the extra mile to make your customers feel special you can help to ensure they not only return time and time again, but also that they pass on a good word to their own friends and networks.

Here are five easy ways to build bridges with your customers to ensure your business is healthy for the long term.

Make them feel special

Just reminding your customers that you are there and that you are still thinking about them can go a long way towards cementing your position as the number 1 supplier of choice. That doesn’t mean spamming them with constant promotional emails. No, instead take some time out of selling your products to send your customer a Christmas card or happy New Year greeting, which will help them to feel respected and valued as an individual.

Keep in touch
Aside of point number 1, keeping in touch through email marketing and social media updates can be a great way to keep your customers in touch with your business and remind them how great you are. Avoid constantly over salesy communications, and instead go for quirky, interesting or funny updates that people will want to share with their friends.

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Be supportive
When someone has invested their cash in your business, the last thing you want to do is to take the money and run. Use your marketing people (or your own expertise) to update customers on the best way to use your products, technical manuals and other bits of advice. Plough investment into developing not just good customer support, but exceptional customer support. At the end of the day, nobody minds if something goes a little wrong with a product, but if they can’t get someone to help them put it right, that’s when business is damaged.

Ask their opinions
Past customers are your best asset when it comes to future planning. By asking genuinely for their advice and opinion on new products, changes to existing lines or new services you are thinking of providing, not only will you be helping that customer to feel valued and important, you will also be tapping into your most powerful market research tool available.

Don’t forget your existing customers in your offers
So many businesses are so focussed on attracting new customers to their business that sometimes they forget to offer incentives to their existing customer base too. If you’ve done your job properly and supplied a great product at a great price with outstanding follow up support, then why wouldn’t your previous customers want to buy from you again? Make sure you include them in your marketing campaigns, and you could even consider instigating some offers that are just for your existing customers too.

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