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After kids have been put to bed, this is a perfect time to relax and unwind. Although a living room or a kitchen could be cleaned, this might not be your idea of fun. If you’re looking for something enjoyable, there is plenty to do and here are a couple of ideas:

Online casino

Enabling gamers to play online now, a casino which is on a high street isn’t very convenient when children are fast asleep and a babysitter cannot look after them. By choosing an online casino, poker or slots can be played as soon as someone wants to and they don’t have to spend money on travelling to a casino. In fact, when kids are fast asleep, a high stakes game can be played minutes after closing their bedroom door. Many online casinos can be accessed on a smartphone. Therefore, a laptop doesn’t have to be turned on because a lot of fun can be had on an IPhone or a Galaxy S4.

Watch a favourite TV show

5 Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained When the Kids Are in Bed

The same television shows don’t have to be watched over and over again. With YouTube and other video sharing websites, favourite shows that aren’t broadcasted anymore can be viewed whenever someone wants to. A box set for a cherished show can be purchased and then watched when children are asleep. Such TV shows as ‘The A-Team’, ‘Dallas’ and ‘Quantum Leap’ are still very popular and box sets for these and many other programmes can be bought online.

Read a book

Reading is currently very popular, especially after the release of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’  and J.K. Rowling’s series of Harry Potter novels. Other authors are admired such as Bill Bryson, Stephen King, Clive Cussler and Tony Hawks. Books don’t have to be bought from a bookstore because they can be hired from a library. Children could even be taken to a library where they can pick a book whilst you decide which novel to borrow. If you don’t have enough time to visit a library, a book can be downloaded onto an e-book reader. An online book library has plenty of titles to choose from, including those which you probably haven’t read before.

Draw or doodle

Boredom is the result of the brain not being stimulated. When there is nothing for the brain to concentrate on, boredom can settle in. Even if you’re not very good at drawing, it can still pass away a lot of time. By doodling often, your drawing skills might improve and can be something to look forward to after putting kids to sleep.

Listen to music

There are other forms of entertainment than reading a book, playing online games or watching a TV show because music can be listened to. By playing songs quietly so not to disturb them, a favourite album can be enjoyed and there will no interruptions. If you own a record player, put on a much-loved album or multiple singles. Vinyl remains very popular and records which bring back memories can be spun whilst children are experiencing REM.