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The morning after the ball drops in Times Square, many New Yorkers woke up feeling less than desirable. For some, it was because of too much champagne the night before. For others, it was from of those decadent meals and snacks that are commonplace this time of year. For many, however, it will be a combination of the two along with shorter days and greater amounts of stress. All of these elements create the perfect excuse to sit in front of your television and vedge out, but this isn’t good for your waistline or your health. If you’re looking to get more active this New Year to lose a few pounds, reduce your risk of premature death, or just feel better, here are five ideas to consider:

Join a Gym:

After a long day, it’s quite easy to not work out. However, it might not be so easy if you acquire a gym membership and have to pay for it each month. Do you want to give yourself even more incentive or feeling of obligation? Sign up for personal training or a fitness boot camp class in NYC. You’ll benefit from a structured plan to get back into shape as well as knowledgeable professionals who can help you avoid a plateau.

5 Ways To Stay Active This Winter In New York

Workout Indoors:

Is there a blizzard outside or you’re not in the mood to get your car out of the garage? You can always workout in your apartment. There is a wide variety of fitness DVDs out there that are perfectly capable of giving you a pretty sweaty workout. Don’t have any DVDs on hand? You can access workouts from your On-Demand cable service, Netflix or even YouTube.  And if all else fails, do some pushups, wall sits or body weight squats.

Do Your Chores:

There’s a reason why it’s called Spring Cleaning. Most people stay indoors during the winter, which creates more mess and clutter. An easy way to combat this clutter is to do your household chores. It’s also a great form of exercise. Vacuuming your home could burn upwards of 200 calories per hour and something more strenuous, like painting, could burn closer to 300 calories.

Be a Kid Again:

Remember when you were young and the first snow was an opportunity for some fun? Now that first snow is just evidence of how long your commute will be. Embrace the outdoors and you’ll find that there are a number of things to do outdoors. From sledding and skiing to just a good old fashioned snowball fight, there are a ton of activities outside to keep you moving.


Winter is an opportune time to volunteer for your favorite cause. Whether it’s your local soup kitchen or an animal shelter, you will not only get out of the house for a good cause and feel a sense of purpose; you’ll remain active and stay off the couch.

What have you been doing to stay active this winter? Do you enjoy winter sports or do you prefer to stick to an indoor gym?