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Studying abroad can be a make it or break it experience in college. Not only do you have the culture shock to contend with, but you also have the language barrier. Not only that, but you have to also wrap your mind around a totally new way of doing things – a totally new way of living your daily life. However, there are a number of ways to conquer these feelings, which is important if you want to thrive during a particular study abroad program. If you are a new college student, studying abroad can be a nerve-racking and anxious experience, but if you find way to make the most of your experience, it can be one of the best experiences of your life. Here are five ways to survive and thrive during your study abroad experience in college.

1. Learn the Language

When it comes down to it, you want to learn the language to the best of your ability. Having a conversational understanding of the language will only get you so far. If you visited and are now getting your social work degree, it is even more important that you learn the language, because there is a good chance that you will be working and studying directly with the people of a certain country.

2.Alleviate your culture shock

There is a good chance that your study abroad program is only about three or four months long, which means that you want to hit the ground running. However, you may get to your destination and starting feeling culture shock, which can happen when you are in a completely foreign landscape. So, you want to learn everything there is about your destination before you go – even a few days of culture shock can really set you back.

5 Ways To Survive And Thrive During Your Study Abroad Experience In College

3.Ingratiate yourself to your Host Family

When it comes down to it, showing gratitude to your host family is critical, but if you want to thrive and survive, you want to go above and beyond. For instance, you can try making dinner and eating a meal with your host family. It is also important to ask them questions and to try and understand their way of life. There is a good chance that you will learn something totally new.


If you really want to make the most out of a study abroad program, you want to travel as much as possible. For instance, you want to spend the weekends getting to know surrounding countries, cities and locales. Having a broader picture of an entire landscape is one of the best ways to enhance your study abroad program. It is also a great way to enrich yourself and your understanding of the world

5.Keep a very open mind

If you really want to survive and thrive, you want to open your mind like a book – absorbing everything. For instance, you want to try things you’ve never tried before – even if it is a dish that you would never try in a million years try. At the end of the day, opening up your mind will give you the strength to not only succeed in college, but also in life.