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5 Ways To Treat Yourself After You Move

Moving is one of the most stressful things that you will ever have to do. Websites like My Move do their best to help you cut down on this stress, but the truth is that there is no such thing as a perfect move. There are always going to be small details that you miss and annoying little issues that come up. In the days following your move, treat yourself and start your time in your new home off on the right foot. Here are five ways to get started.

Get Some Sleep
In the days after your move you will be in a hurry to get everything unpacked and into its rightful place in your new home. This rush to get unpacked can lead to sleepless nights and unnecessary stress. Take a moment to breathe and make sure that you are getting the hours of sleep that you need. Losing sleep will actually make unpacking more difficult than it needs to be. Don’t stress, your things will be unpacked and organized soon enough. Until then, get plenty of sleep and unpack at your own pace.

Get a Massage
Is your back sore from carrying the couch up all of those stairs? The week after your move is the perfect time to schedule a professional massage. Not only will it relax your sore muscles, it will drain the stress of moving right out of your body.

Eat Somewhere Special
If you are in a new neighborhood, treat yourself to a meal at an exciting new restaurant. If you are staying in the same area, visit that place that you’ve always wanted to try. While we don’t recommend gorging on fast food during or after a move, treating yourself and your family to a nice meal will make everyone feel more relaxed in their new surroundings.

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Treat the Kids
You may not realize it, but moving is even more stressful for your children than it is for you. Your kids are leaving their childhood home, their school and their friends. Keep them relaxed by taking them out for ice cream, to see a movie or to the park to run off some of that extra stress. Helping your kids to relax during and after your move will save you tons of headaches in the weeks to come.

Spend Time with Friends
If possible, invite a few friends over to see your new place. It doesn’t matter that you aren’t totally unpacked yet; they will just want to see your space. If you don’t have any friends in your new area, get out there and start meeting people. Check online for events in your area. Even if an upcoming event doesn’t exactly seem like “your thing,” give it a try. You never know who you might meet.

Kenny Soto writes for the blog at MyMove.com. Moving to a new neighborhood? Visit MyMove.com for a moving checklist that will help you to take some of the stress out of your next move.

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