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5 Worst Jobs After Getting Your College Degree

After going through 4 years of higher education, you are finally ready to take on the world armed with your newly acquired diploma and brand new corporate suit. But what happens next can very much strip you of your optimism as you go through one interview after the other without any possible job prospect in sight.

Many of us have lived in our own bubble while earning a diploma, and those first couple jobs after stepping off campus grounds can lead to a harsh realization that reality bites. We’ve matched degrees with the absolute worst jobs they can take after college. Unless you have masochistic tendencies, do not apply!


Sure, you graduated with a degree in communications and you have spent countless hours understanding the fundamentals of advertising, public relations, and communications only to end up in tied to your desk with angry call recipients telling you how worthless you are.

While telemarketers are undoubtedly in demand, the boring routine and mundane tasks that go with this job can strip any fresh graduate of their joie de vivre. Rather than immerse themselves in the world of media, these communication hopefuls will end up answering phone call after phone call with a scripted reply to every inquiry. Mom and dad will sure be proud!

Glamour Photographer

After getting your MFA in photography and completing projects that pushed the boundaries in art, you find yourself trapped in a studio taking photos of 10 year olds with too much makeup pretending to be models. Finally you’re a paid photographer. Err…kind of.

Sadly, a number of photography majors end up taking shots of anyone who can afford to keep them in their $10/hr job.

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After spending arduous hours learning to understand the intricate interwoven tapestry of the environment and how it’s many elements can be supported to ensuring a sustainable future, you find yourself cutting down mature old growth trees for hardwood floors in someone’s new McMansion. Well at least you get to be out in nature.


Yes, you can flaunt your child psychology major to anyone, but sadly there are not many jobs that cater to this particular field. As such, some end up working as nannies that spend night and day looking after their employer’s children. Instead of looking after the psychological welfare of children that needs your help the most, you end up looking after precocious toddlers who leave you at your wits end.


Mathematics is a major that not many of us are brave enough to tackle, which is why it is unfortunate that someone who was disciplined enough to complete a degree in mathematics ends up putting their skills to work punching the cash register at the nearest Cheapmart.

Building a solid career after graduation is never easy, and this has only been compounded by the long recession that has affected even the most established companies worldwide. Don’t let an agonizing job hunt get you down. Your first job opportunities may be far from ideal, but keep looking, live cheaply, and stay optimistic while waiting for the right job to come along.

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