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6 Awesome Beds You Probably Wouldn’t Sleep In

Aside from modern versus traditional design, all beds are pretty much the same right? Think again! We’ve found an array of crazy sleeping surfaces from in all different shapes and configurations sure to challenge your concept of bedtime. Would you ever sleep in any of these unorthodox (and slightly impractical!) beds?

The Private Cloud Bed

This patented bed, created by German design firm M.Kloker, features a round elliptical shape allowing it to move. The designers’ theory was that rocking produces a calming, trance-like state. Supposedly, because the movement is self-controlled, it won’t result in nausea. Luckily they also come with feet that can fix the bed in a preferred position, limiting pirate nightmares and disorienting midnight wake-ups.

Magnetic Floating Bed

If a modern and craftmatic adjustable bed alone just isn’t futuristic enough for your tastes, consider the Magnetic Floating Bed designed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars, a Dutch architect. This bed , seen in the 2011 movie “Arthur”, remains suspended in air using opposing magnetics. While incredible to admire, the stifling price tag of over $1.5 million is sure to limit its popularity. Not to mention when that magnetic pole reversal happens you would just have a metal slab – unless the polarity means it would still work? Either way this is impractically awesome.

The Floating Bed

For a less hi-tech version of suspended sleep, we present the Floating Bed ™. Inspired by the concept of healthy movement, this bed can be made for indoor and outdoor applications and used for sleeping or entertaining. In the more affordable range of $3000+, this is probably one of the more attainable unorthodox beds. But, it looks pretty complicated and you’d have to have a pretty strong ceiling and large room to pull it off.

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Quantum Sleeper Unit

For the 2012’ers, complete your doomsday domicile with the Quantum Sleeper Unit invented by Jeffrey Walling. Designed to withstand anything from attempted kidnappings to chemical warfare, it features a bed, microwave, refrigerator, communication devices, waste management, and many security add-ons. Unfortunately its still just in the wooden prototype phase, but you can dream (nightmares) right?

Transport Perceptual Pod

The Transport pod by Alberto Frias is designed to be an all-inclusive sensory experience with integrated sound and sight features. It has color-changing lights, a round waterbed, sound system with under-bed subwoofer, and more. The “functional art” piece’s egg-like design is pretty out there, and the $20,000 price tag means its not likely you’ll see one of these outside of say, Lady Gaga’s apartment.

Vertical Bed

The Stand Up Bed, from designer Ernesto Neto, allows you to defy gravity and sleep like an astronaut. Or maybe just weird people out. The bed is designed to wrap around your body and keep you securely standing upright. While interesting to ponder, it seems better reserved for artistic mediums.

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