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You can significantly reduce your family’s expenses if you cut down on electricity costs. The best part is that they don’t require that much sacrifice; neither will they affect your way of life in a drastic manner. Here are six simple ways to reduce your electricity bills at home:

  1. Turn off lights and equipment when not in use

    Many homes spend more than necessary on electricity because family members do not adopt practices that save electricity in the first place. Make it a habit among your family members to turn off equipment when they’re not being used. Make sure that you also kills the lights whenever you leave an area in your home unoccupied.

  2. Change your light bulbs

    Quality energy-saving light bulbs do not consume as much electricity as traditional light bulbs. Energy-efficient lights also tend to last up to ten years longer. You can save as much as $18 per year on a 100 watt light bulb if you switch to LED or CFL lighting.

  3. Use renewable sources of energy

    Many homes are able to reduce their electricity bills by as much as 50% by using solar panels to power their homes.  Some homeowners are even able to eliminate their electricity charges altogether by using solar power. The downside of having to use solar panels is you must make an initial investment for its installation. However, you can still use the sun’s free renewable energy even without solar panels. You can opt for solar-powered lamps for your outdoor lighting. These lights do not require electricity and wires at all and are charged by the sun during the day and automatically turn on at night. Solar-powered outdoor Christmas lights are also available. The latter are especially beneficial during the holidays.

  4. Take advantage of the sun

    The sun isn’t just a source of clean and renewable electric energy for your home. There are also a number of other uses for the sun’s light and heat that can help reduce your electricity cost. You can save electricity by hanging your laundry outside to dry instead of using a dryer. You can also open your doors and windows and let the sun’s warmth heat your home naturally.

  5. Buy energy-efficient home appliances

    If your old appliances have broken down or you simply need to buy new ones for your home, consider buying energy efficient home appliances. Dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators and room air cleaners that have the Energy Star label consume less water and less energy than other appliances. Using energy-efficient home appliances rack up less on your electricity bills as well.One of the most frequently used electronic items at home is the computer. Some computers sometimes work up to 24 hours a day. You use computers to surf the internet, download files, watch videos and communicate with friends but you most likely use it to make reports and send email to fax when used for business purposes. You can save on your electricity bills if you buy computers that have complied with the Energy Star requirements. Laptops are also more energy-efficient than computer desktops.

  6. Replace old appliances

    The website reports that very old refrigerators cost consumers in the United States $4.4 billion in energy per year. Replacing your old refrigerator with one that has the Energy Star label can save you up to $1,100 on energy costs. You should also replace air conditioning units, washing machines, television sets and other appliances in your home that are more than ten years old because old appliances often cost you more on electricity bills.