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Animals play a very important role in balancing and maintaining natural environment. If you compare animals with plants, they make up a little part of the total environment on the earth. They maintain our ecological system of nature and maintain food chain and natural cycles. Without these animals our world wouldn’t be completed.

Sometimes, we think human beings are smartest creature in the universe. But this is not right. There are some animals in this world which are little enough than human being. They are more intelligent. You can check out these give below:

6 Most Smartest Animals In The World


A dog can be the best friendof a man. They are very cleaver, social, trainable as well as humble. They can understand all commands, orders and love. A well-trained dog can save a life. This is the reason; often dogs are used in field of investigation and police force. A dog can easily indentify numbers, dead body, and other things that are used in investigation. Sometimes, they can be little sensitive, jealous. Mostly, they won’t forget their master in their entire life.


This is another intelligent creature in this nature. They look really beautiful in the sky. They are very clever. They know how to fly safely in the sky so that they can avoid their enemies. It has a great memory power. It can easily recognize hundred of different photos, images as well as it knows different paths to their home. They are very soft, harmless and helpful.


This creature is quite interesting and clever. Experts say, it has emotion and sensitivity. At the same time, they are sociable, easily trained by human being. In fact, they are more trainable than dogs. They have hurt feelings and they get easily bored of something. They are so intelligent that they recognize their own name as well as they can dream. More importantly, they have the great potentiality to play video games in laboratories.


This is one of the smartest animals in this world. It looks beautiful in deep blue sea. According to experts, this creature is still poorly understood. However, as the days are going on scientists are continuously discovering its new activities with different instincts. If it is disturbed, it turns into a harmful living thing. They play spontaneously. It has a respectable short time memory.


These birds are always known as intelligent creatures in the world. They are truly beautiful with some wonderful natural instincts. They are trainable, sensitive as well as good sense of humor. Some parrots can talk like human being. They can mimic human words. According to research, they have 90% accurate bird’s skills.


Dolphins are another smartest animal in this universe. They are extremely social, sensitive as well as trainable. They have a unique communication power. They can search their relatives through this communication power in the sea. They are knowledgeable. Due to their incredible piece of brain power, they don’t sleep. This is the most important aspect of dolphins. They have an aesthetic type of sensibility.

About Author: The author of this article is a professional researcher on animals and environment. He has years of experience on writing blogs on animals. He enjoys experimenting on different animals and their natural instincts.